Welcome to the SNBP Institutes.

At SNBP, we focus on providing a healthy, value based and stimulating environment. The learning process is designed after deliberating on the needs and the psyche of children.

In a book named “Light the fire in your heart” written by Debashish Chatterjee, the importance of value based education is highlighted as – “When the molecules of carbon are rearranged, we get a diamond. In physical form, carbon and diamond look very different yet they are merely different expressions of the same potential. With a little reorganization in their values, beliefs and attitudes, children can be truly transformed”.

Our focus is always on making education more fun, simple to understand and amazing! Our teaching staff is experienced, trained, highly competent and well versed with the latest techniques in teaching-learning methods.


Know thy Self

You are the best Someone whispered in my ears. I looked around And can only see my shadow. I am tensed, I am petrified I peeped within me I can see a wick of examination lit at remote Is that bothers me? You are the best, you are unique That’s just one of the milestones …

How to Tune-out Distractions and Focus on Studies – By Mrs. Vishakha Gupta (Vice Principal- SNBP Chikhali)

  Various distractions pose a serious threat to learning productivity. While a couple of minutes here and there spent on social media or other activities seem innocuous at first, the amount of time actually spent on things that are not essential add up to precious hours that could have otherwise been spent productively on learning …