5 Changes we will see in the world of Education in the near FUTURE

world of Education in the near FUTURE

The biggest change which has seeped into each of our lives has been Technology. Education seems to lead the foray in terms of the sector where technology has created huge paradigm shifts, not only in terms of the repository but also in the mode of dissemination. We strongly believe that educators are just at the tip of the iceberg and find ourselves at a very important part of this journey of evolution. Here are some of the changes which We foresee in the near future.

1. Hand-writing on a decline – Would we want our students to handwrite something, really? As they say in corporate lingo, this is the age of screen-agers. A screen is always nearby and would be present much more in the very near future. Slowly in some time, the onus of an individual on writing manually and doing a good job of it will wither away.

2. Teachers as the only Facilitators? Need an answer to a question, not necessarily the answer will be asked from a human. Students with the help of the web are finding answers to their queries. The best part, the machine doesn’t remark – What a silly question.

3. Bags will shrink, Hardbound books will perish –  Just met a representative from a company that has come up with E-reader for schools. This E-Reader will have all the books prescribed by the school in digital format. We have also met a company that is making homework and tests to move on cloud computing. With all this, paper books and bags will evolve into something else.

4. Urban – Semi Urban-Rural divide will decrease and possibly disappear. For long there has been a huge difference in quality from a Metro to a Non – Metro, but with technology and with the help of the web, this gulf is slowly bridging.  We sure there would be a time where we all will speak, learn and study in the same language.

5. Academic Schools and Social Schools – Newer formats can emerge in school education, with VSAT technology students can get homeschooled and parents will send him to a place where he can hone his/her social skills. Though a little far fetched, but a possibility certainly exists.

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