7 Reasons Why You Should Choose SNBP International School In Pune

Best International School in Pune, SNBP
                                                                     SNBP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, PUNE

Once an institute with only two rooms, today SNBP has transformed itself into becoming the best pune international school. An amalgamation of fantastic infrastructure and relevant facilities characterize the school. The children are made privy to modern amenities, which help them understand and even enjoy their curriculum better. In addition to producing academically qualified young adults, SNBP also makes sure that its students are culturally sound and have a love and concern for the environment. Their holistic approach to education is focused on the overall development of the child, and this makes them one of the best CBSE schools in Pune.

The campus of the school is spread over three acres of land. The school has a total of eight storeys, with each story having more than 20 spacious classrooms. The campus of the school also has activity rooms, laboratories, and a spacious community hall. The school also has a huge playground with a separate zone for each different activity.

Here are 7 reasons why SNBP International School should be your first consideration:

1. SNBP International School is located at an easily accessible location in Pune; being in one of the major thoroughfares, traveling to and fro the school is bound to be hassle-free. Besides, the school also provides regular and safe buses to pick up and drop students from their stops, so their complete security is ensured.

2. The infrastructure of SNBP makes it one of the top 5 schools in Pune. The modern facilities provide an atmosphere where the students can learn to the best of their abilities.

3. SNBP International prioritizes the safety of your kids, above all else. There are high-end CCTV cameras overseeing almost all the areas of the campus so that the children are under constant adult supervision at all times.

4. The curriculum of the school has been set after careful consideration by the Chairman, namely Dr. Dasharath Bhosale. Dr. DK Bhosale is himself a learned and highly knowledgeable individual with a vision. The curriculum corresponds with the IGSE and Cambridge board schools in Pune.

5. Every classroom has the perfect teacher to student ratio so that the teacher can pay individual attention to all the students. This ensures that every child’s individual questions are answered, and the teacher can monitor the progress of each student in the classroom.

6. The school enables students to think outside the box. There is a lot more than only academics that the students can expect from the curriculum at the school. It organizes for extra-curricular activities on a regular basis so that students can participate in them and enjoy themselves. This feature is found in only a few other SSC schools in Pune.

Anuj Navnath Lonkar With President of India
                                                                    SNBP Has No Shortage Of Talent

7. The institute encourages learning with respect to the five elements and aims to prepare its students with knowledge, love, hope, and wisdom. They are encouraged regularly to soar beyond the horizon.

                                               Dr. DK Bhosale, Chairman, Co-Founder of SNBP

Thus, this international school in Pune, under the able leadership of its renowned chairperson Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, aims at passing on the beacon of knowledge and wisdom to the generations to come. Dr. DK Bhosale aims to provide the best possible learning experience to the students, where they can gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to soar through life.

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