7 Tips To Help Your Kid’s Transition From Summer To School Routine

Times are a-changing so is the concept of education worldwide. The pen and paper method and chalk and talk are things of the past.

Top schools like SNBP International School Pune are rapidly growing keeping the need of the hour in mind. The respected chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes in the all-round development of children. For healthy growth of mind and body of a child, a proper balance is required only this will result in their holistic development.

Best International School Pune - SNBP International School Pune
SNBP International School Pune

Summer vacation has always been full of fond memories to cherish for a lifetime. It gives children a much-needed break from the continuous pressure of study. Dr. DK Bhosale on how important the role of summer break is in a child’s life. It gives them time to dwell on the things they love, opportunity to spend some quality time with family or simply indulge in their hobbies. International School in Pune believes it’s never wise to burden children with a lot of work during this time but otter is important that children are able to jump back took the routines.

Here are some tips for parents to help out your child maintain a balance between both:

1. Maintain a routine: Kids find it difficult to transform from the laid back vacation to disciplined school life. Try to keep the daily routine same like the meal timings and sleeping hours. All the best schools in Pune suggest that children follow a similar time table during the breaks as they follow while attending schools every day so the adjustment is easy.

2. Be in touch: A complete detachment with studies may not produce a fruitful result. Let your child enjoy the vacation but let them make use of their spare time in reading story books or general knowledge book or solving simple math problems so that the connection with school and studies are not completely lost.

3. Think out of the box: Almost all IB board schools in Pune ensure your child’s leisure time is spent doing something creative and useful which will enable their higher order thinking skills. Plan similar activities and games like quiz, word puzzle, sudoku to encourage them.

4. Proper use of time: Use this time to discuss with your child the strategy they can follow in the upcoming tests or competitions. The Top CBSE school in Pune stress on co-curricular equally.

5. Self-motivation: Let them set some landmarks for themselves considering what they want to achieve this year comparing with the last year. In this way, they’ll be looking forward to joining the school.


6. Well planned trip: Unlike every year’s trip surprise them with a family field trip. Relating what they have only read in books with the reality is something they will remember forever.

7. Revise the rules: children are under constant monitoring and vigilant watch of teachers. Dr. DK Bhosale believes that manners and discipline are as important as education. Imbibe those values in your child again and again so they are followed in school as well.

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale has come up with a vision to provide your ward with world-class facilities and international learning experience with SNBP International School in Pune. A bright future awaits them to let them grow and shine with one of the best International schools in Pune.

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