9 Tips To Choose The Right International School For Your Kid In Pune

                                                                 SNBP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, PUNE

International Schools were traditionally set up for children of missionaries and business people who were frequently moving around the world for work. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program was then created as a framework for International schools to follow.

But today, with the presence of many International Schools, it is natural for you to feel perplexed. You will always want to admit your kid to the best International School.

And, so that you can select the best for your little one, here are the top 9 factors to consider – 

1. Faculty: Parents build blind trust over schools as they believe that their child would be under the constant guidance of supporting and educated adults. SNPB International School, Pune offers a good team of faculty for your kid.

2. Infrastructure: School buildings, classrooms, playground, and libraries play an important role in the school’s infrastructure. Spacious and renovated buildings do create an impact in the lives of school children. Do check for Pune international school for a better future for your kid.

3. Academic: Ensuring the school meets the highest standards of excellence in terms of its teachers, teaching methodology, academic curriculum, and moral standards should be a parent’s biggest priority.


4. Extracurricular Activities: The existence and role of extracurricular activities help in the development of children and they also develop leadership and social skills in kids. Do look for the best school in Pune for your kids.

SNBP Student, Anuj Navnath Lonkar, a 6th standard student
SNBP Student Meets The President Of India, Nominated For INSPIRE award

5. Fees: Parents might not consider the fees part much when it comes to their kid’s future, assuming they are the best school for them. Instead, you need to focus on whether you are getting full value for the money you are paying in terms of quality, safety, facilities and so on.

6. Proximity: It is always advisable to first start looking at the best available schools closest to your place of residence. This becomes necessary from a safety perspective and to prevent your child from suffering the repeated discomfort of a long journey. Look for top schools in Pune for the future of your kids.

7. Culture: It is important to know what sort of a culture and values these international schools follow. Do cross check with these institutions if they have a place for Indian values and morals. It is worthwhile to mention that SNPB International School, Pune takes every opportunity to cultivate and imbibe Indian sensibilities, under the able guidance of Chairman Dr. Dasharath Bhosale. Dr. DK Bhosale believes that every kid must be taught to value their roots and culture.

                                   Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, Chairman SNBP International School, Pune

8. Value languages: Most international Schools are set up with English as the language of instruction. But that is not how it should work. Students need the opportunity to have access to language classes that will allow them to sustain their native tongue. Do check for IB board schools in Pune to secure a bright future for you kid.

9. Reputation: There are a few websites that provide parents and teachers a place to review international schools. Though it is international it becomes quite crucial to know if the school is respected one in society.

While choosing the best school, do consider the International school in Pune under the Chairmanship of Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, for a better and bright future for your precious little one. Dr. DK Bhosale’s vision is to offer a holistic approach in developing a kid’s future for an overall better experience to grow up into responsible individuals.

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