A Comprehensive Parental Guide to Select the Best School Nearby

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Nothing troubles the parents more than the task of finding the right school for their children. As the teachings of a school majorly impact the future of a child, no parent can afford to go wrong with it. To help parents take the right decision, a comprehensive guide has been prepared that is sure to assist all the parents in taking the right decision. If you’re from Pune and are contemplating between the different top 10 CBSE schools in Pune, then the points shared below will help you.

1. Academic & Extra Curricular Activities

It is probably the most important thing that every parent should focus on. Parents continue searching for the list of best CBSE schools in Pune and other locations to ensure that their children get the best academic knowledge. Not all the schools follow the same academic curriculum; hence paying special attention to it becomes compulsory. Also, it should be checked whether the school gives importance to extracurricular activities or not because academic knowledge alone is not enough for the holistic growth of children. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the founder of SNBP, also believes the same ideology. So always give attention to both academic curriculum and extracurricular activities.

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2. School Fees

The school fee is an important point of consideration because not everyone can manage to pay higher school fees. It should be taken note of, that it is not necessary that low charging schools offer inferior quality teaching. The case can be vice-versa too. Think on the budget, and then start looking for the best CBSE School in Pune or elsewhere accordingly. Dr. DK Bhosale knows how important quality education is for children; hence, he started SNBP keeping children’s future in mind. Affordability is one point that he has taken care of for the welfare of children.

3. Environment

It is a known fact that school environment impacts the child’s attitude. If you want your kid to develop good habits and a positive attitude or behavior, then it is essential that you send him in a good environment. Most of the top schools in Pune are known to have a good environment that has ultimately contributed to a positive front.

4. Teacher-to-Student Ratio

There is no point in putting your child in a school that doesn’t have enough skilled teachers to handle large number of students. It is an important yet the most overlooked point that deserves parents’ attention. Even Dr. Dasharath Bhosale agrees to the importance of having the right teacher-to-student ratio. If you’re thinking to put your child in a reputed international school in Pune, then you can relax, as almost all the international schools maintain a positive teacher-to-student ratio.


Whether the parents are looking for schools in a nearby location or distant locations, the points mentioned above should be taken into consideration. It is going to help you in selecting only the right school out of many. Dr. DK Bhosale runs a school named SNBP where quality education, affordability, skilled teachers, and holistic growth are the main pillars. So you can check the curriculum of SNBP too, and then decide accordingly.

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