A Memorable Day With Musician Greg Ellis At SNBP International School Pune

Greg Ellis is not a new name to hardcore fans of Hollywood movies. With more than 300 Hollywood movies and TV shows to his name, Greg Ellis is one of the finest drummers and percussionists that the world has ever seen. This reputed musician has been associated with creating fascinating scores for countless Hollywood blockbuster movies starting from Kingdom Come in 2001, The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions in 2003 to the smash hit Godzilla in 2014, Downsizing in 2017 and many more. Apart from creating background scores for Hollywood films, Ellis has also worked for innumerable TV shows and commercials. 

Mr. Ellis is also a zealous advocate of the therapeutic effects of rhythm and organic sound. He started off his musical journey at a very young age and is extremely passionate about encouraging kids to pursue music along with academics. Being an ardent advocate of music therapy, Greg Ellis was the chief guest this year in SNBP International School Pune

SNBP’s Day-Long Workshop With Greg Ellis

The Honourable Chairperson of SNBP International School, Dr. Dashrath Bhosale personally invited this exemplary musician to grace the school premises and inspire the students. The students got a brilliant chance to attend a workshop with Greg Ellis. He was indeed delighted to have an astounding audience of 600-something energetic students along with teachers and Dr. DK Bhosale too.

The highlight of the program was when a student of Grade III wanted to jam along with Ellis, and the world-famous musician actually agreed to do so! At the end of the session, Ellis was pretty appreciative of the talented kid who jammed perfectly with Ellis – his peers and teachers were equally appreciative of him. 

At the end of their workshop, Mr. Ellis signed autographs for all the students much to their amazement.  

It is worthwhile to mention here that Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, a visionary and educationist himself, is also a strong believer of the benefits of extra-curricular activities in children. He firmly asserts that kids are the future of our country, so they need all-round grooming to be generally proficient as adults. Academics are always important, no doubt, but that alone is not enough. The role of sports and music certainly cannot be denied in the shaping of a bright and healthy life. 

An Exemplary Musician And Propagator Or Music Therapy

Greg Ellis was the perfect source of inspiration for the children at SNBP International School Pune. He is famed for having worked with the stalwarts of the world music industry starting with Beck and Billy Idol to Mickey Hart and many others. He has also collaborated on various projects with eminent Indian musicians and singers like Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Bickram Ghosh, Sonu Nigam and many more. 

Ellis is the joint creator of RhythmPharm where organic rhythm and sound therapy sessions are conducted. His organic music project “Rhythm Tonics” is now used by both mainstream and alternative health practitioners all over the world. Greg Ellis is also a fervent promoter of organic and world music and currently resides in Los Angeles, Hollywood.

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