Application of Subjects in Day-to-Day Life

Studying different subjects grows a set of essential skills inside us. Application of academic subjects in everyday life helps to have better perception in real life context.  This blog will aid the reader to understand how SNBP School & Jr. College (State Board) addresses this topic in a finesse way.

Benefits of Application of Subjects in Daily Life

1. Better knowledge of time

A child who owns the capability of connecting the acquired knowledge to the arised issues will be a confident child.  It will alarm him to identify the situation as problematic. After identification, he won’t be in a problematic loom.

We, at SNBP mould our children to understand the wise use of time.   The assigned activities in and out the classrooms facilitate the child to manage the time in an informal way.  Slowly it gets aligned in their system. We give significance to micro management of time.

2. Enhanced storage ability of our brain

Albeit, it is pondered that our brain has unlimited storage ability, it’s not so. We have no cap on the amount of data that our brain can store; nevertheless, the brain’s storage ability enhances the more we activate it. The worksheets generated in the school aids in plasticity of the concepts.

3. The capacity for solving issues logically

Learning subjects like physics and math, the child need to solve different logical issues. The child learns the concepts in connection with daily life experience. It helps in our life when we require solving several everyday issues logically.  The math week celebrated in the school ensures to minimize the wide gap between the subject and the child.

Maths Activity Building Toothpick stem structures (Geometrical shapes)

4. Solves several queries and doubts

Sometimes we are annoyed by several queries or doubts in our life regarding the world and beyond. The answer to maximum questions lies in subjects like geography, math, science, etc. Studying several subjects opens our eyes and showcases the real image behind different scientific miracles that else we ponder as magic.

While enrolling a kid in an SSC board school like SNBP Institutes, let’s discuss some crucial subjects and their role in our daily life!

1. Math

Every field of life is engaged in math or the numbers’ concept. In short, there is no way to avoid math. From calculating a product’s price to writing programs, math is everywhere. This subject needs many skills and it is present in nearly every professional field like medicine, engineering, or commerce.

2. Science

The world revolves around science’s concept. This subject includes both memorizing of definitions and understanding of concepts. It’s an interesting subject and it teaches us why and how things exist.

3. History

History is essential because it prevents us from doing a similar mistake again and helps us gather knowledge regarding different happenings around us in the globe.  The pedagogical ways towards learning History is different from other schools.  The students were assigned topics to be presented in SLC (Student Lead Conference).

4. English

English is a global language.  This international language is used as a way of communication in nearly every country these days. Learning English is very important for every student of any of the SSC schools in Pune. English as a subject is taught in SNBP School in dynamic ways.  The selection of course book, especially at Primary level (Grade I-V) aids the children to understand the functionality of the language. Moreover, it is required for writing better answers in theoretical subjects.

5. Geography

This subject helps to create awareness regarding the physical world. You must learn geography to know how we are destroying our earth and how to prevent further destruction. SNBP Institutes, one of the top 5 schools in Morwadi has been using the technology like smart class to give a visual effect of the learned concepts. The students can learn the concepts more interactively and recreate the concepts as and when required in daily life.

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