Parenting is a Beautiful Art

Parenting is a beautiful art which evolves with experience. Incidentally, it is our own
child who nurtures our skills at it. Every child is Precious and unique. So, the
journey of Parenting also varies for every child. There shall always be an exclusivity.
in the whole process. There is no junior or senior on this journey. All of us start from
the first page. However, despite the difference, the vagaries of nature, of the environment, one always experiences a great sense of gratification.
A child is crying, is trying to learn her numbers with a parent constantly scolding and
hitting: Disgusting, isn’t it? This video has gone viral showcasing a derogatory act of
parenting. In spite of all clarifications, the question still arises ‘Does the child REALLY
need to go through this?’ NO, she doesn’t.
Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion about but the hardest thing to do. We are
often lost with the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ in what we do to our children. We naturally adapt
to the ways our parents raised us. At times, we choose new ways that we would wish, we
had been showered with. However, this new generation brings in a range of new
concepts, thinking, competitions, new demands, and almost a whole new world. In
wanting to have children, disciplined and orchestrated well behaved, parents go extra
length in their do’s and don’ts, where invariably the don’ts outnumber the do’s.
We need to remember, our kids don’t always learn what we teach – but learn by
watching US all the time. We are their role models. What we tell them is what they tell
themselves. Leading by example is then mandatory.
Parents need to feel blessed to be bestowed the responsibility of upbringing of an
Love and celebrate your child’s presence in your life and express your heartfelt
gratitude to the Creator to have chosen you to partner with for the DIVINE

How to support your children during exam

Dear Parents,
Next 15 days are going to be crucial for children as well as you too.
Lot of mood swings, sadness, enthusiasm, relaxed behaviour etc can be expected from the children.
Let’s support our children. ..
How you can do that?
Some simple tips which can be implemented from your end, to help your child cope up with the stress.
1..Please wake them up in the morning with a positive stroke, a touch/ hug  which a child expects from his parents.
2.. Start your child’s day with a positive statement – I love you, come let’s start this beautiful day together etc
3.. Take care about the communication you have with your child, before she/he leaves for his exams. I am sure you will excel, I am sure you will give your best, all luck to you, I will be waiting for you to come back my dear……etc
4.. Do not let your anxiety pass on to your child. Whatever the situation is, last moment positive support from your end will give a boost to your child’s confidence
5..When the child comes back, please avoid asking only how was the exam, instead ask….how was the experience….
Let’s unwind for the day, let’s go out for sometime / let’s have a cup of coffee together etc
Avoid talking about the subject.
Gone is gone…you can’t alter that but atleast you can support the child for the coming one.
6.. Please ensure that a very happy and healthy atmosphere is given to the child in the house during his exams.
7..Please play soft instrumental music while the child is having his breakfast or relaxing with you
8..Avoid giving marks target to the child.
9..Keep fresh flowers in the house, that brings lots of positivity in the house
10..Avoid nagging for any reasons
11..With a positive stroke, make the child sleep..your two minutes will give him sound sleep for some hours, that will help the child to combat with the situation
12…Avoid advice pls, give the child his space
13..Stand by your child even if the exam has not gone as per your or his expectations..It’s ok…
14..Most important:
Lots of love to your child and
Yes – please be calm, be patient and all luck to you too , my dear parents.

Know thy Self

You are the best

Someone whispered in my ears.

I looked around

And can only see my shadow.

I am tensed, I am petrified

I peeped within me

I can see a wick of examination lit at remote

Is that bothers me?

You are the best, you are unique

That’s just one of the milestones of your path

Wide spread path

The journey of life begins

And that wick is your lantern

Hold it tight, shield it from breeze

I looked around

And I can see my shadow

Let me kindle my confidence and saunter the path which I wish to



Ms. Ajitha. P. Nair





The changing rhythm of the seasons reminds us of the changes in life and in our bodies. Body weight (loss or gain weight) and hormones can be impacted by season changes. During this time of year, you may be at a higher risk of getting sick.

Going to the hospital can greatly impact your school performance. Therefore, why not try some tips to help your body adjust better to the changes so that you can stay vibrant and healthy during this time.

Drink plenty of water

There is less moisture in the air during winter so keep your water bottle close by. Hydrating your body can prevent cracks on the skin and get rid of toxins in your system. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is generally recommended.

Boost your immune system

During cold and flu season, you can boost your immune system by eating raw fruits and vegetables that contain various vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin C is an important vitamin and antioxidant that the body uses to keep you strong and healthy.

Always Eat Seasonal Food

Seasonal foods are in accordance with the nature. They naturally offer higher nutritional content than out of season unripe fruits and vegetables. It is beneficial to eat holistically for your health.

In Winter, turn toward warming foods like carrot, sweet potato, onions and garlic and some spices and seasonings such as ginger, pepper corns and mustard seeds. Eggs, corn and nuts also fall into this warming category.


Commit to exercise

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from moving! Exercise can help control your waistline since holiday feasts are almost there. Some indoor exercises such as yoga and other moderately activities after meals are also good choices of keeping your body active.

Hope everyone stays away from sickness and enjoys the beauty of the seasonal change!

-By Mrs. Vishakha Gupta (Vice Principal- SNBP Chikhali)