Deal With Peer Pressure By A Holistic Approach

Any pressure is defined as the use of force, influence or intimidation to make someone do something. And a peer is usually an individual of the same age group who directly or indirectly pressures a child or a teen to do something that might not be beneficial to him/her. Chances are that the pressure does not usually come from a single person but a group of individuals.

Dealing with Peer Pressure
How To Deal With Peer Pressure

As schoolgoing kids spend considerable time at school, they might be subjected to peer pressure coming from senior students and even classmates.

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, the chairman of SNBP International School Pune, one of the best International school in Pune takes these issues way too seriously and ensures strict supervision within the school premises to prevent any such activities.

How can you help your children deal with peer pressure?

Most kids of today are of the belief that being rebellious without any real cause is the only way to appear cool and to set an example in front of the class/school. The problem is that these students also try to drag other students to join their leagues and if they do not obey, they try to use manipulative instincts.

While most schools ignore such signs, the best Pune international school under the guidance of Dr. DK Bhosale looks for signs which lead to the buildup of peer pressure and takes strict steps against students who give in to it.

But while the school authorities are keeping a look on your child to check for symptoms of peer pressure, you have to always remember that your kid tends to find ultimate support in their home, in the company of this/her parents. It is for this reason, that Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the chairman of one of the top schools in Pune advises parents we keep tabs on your children and to see whether they are behaving differently.

If you notice them reacting weirdly or aggressively, then no need to worry, you just have to ensure that your child confides in you. Sit them down and encourage them to have a talk with you, or apply a different approach, ask them how things are going at school, etc.

You have to look forward to building a rapport with them which includes, forming a cordial relationship based on communication and respect. If you succeed in accomplishing it, your child will always tell you if something or the other is bothering them.

How to set a good example to them?

Following the above steps would not be enough in tackling a sensitive issue like peer pressure, says Dr. DK Bhosale of SNBP International school in Pune. You need to set up a good example to them. As you know, children follow the antiques of their parents and if you do not set up a moralistic example to them, your child might give in to the peer pressure dragging others into it. All the best IB board schools in Pune reach out to parents providing them with solutions to prevent their child from falling into the grasp of peer pressure.

Dr. DK Bhosale – Founder & Chairman of SNBP Institutes

If you are having trouble to solve it, reach out to Dr. DK Bhosale, Chairperson of the best school in Pune, SNBP International School Pune, and he will guide you away from distress.

Significance and Advantages of Holiday Homework

A great debate has been going around for some time amongst parents about whether assigning homework over the holidays is logical. With school life opening a trove of new challenges and activities for the modern-day learners, the situation has become a bit tense. It is now observed that learners of today are burdened with tremendous academic pressure and truckload of expectations of parents.

 SNBP International School, Pune
Visit by Ehsaan Noorani, India’s finest Composer, and Guitarist

While some parents are of the opinions that vacation time calls for relaxation in some exotic destinations, experts believe that utilizing this time can prove to be beneficial in a variety of ways.

The schools featured on the list of best CBSE schools in Pune are of the idea that vacation time should also be utilized to develop new talents and ideas, all by doing homework given by the SNBP International School, Pune under the chairmanship of Dr. Dasharath Bhosale.

So why should parents take the initiative of making their children complete their homework over a holiday break?

To fight academic regression

Studies show that academic regression likely increases after a prolonged study break. The scores of tests taken after vacations are proof of that. The levels of regression experienced by the students during their study breaks depend upon their socioeconomic groups and whether or not they have any learning difficulties.

To combat the intensification of regression, the International school in Pune with Dr. Dasharath Bhosale as the chairperson assigns tidbits of homework to students of all the standards for their vacation.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale - Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune
Major GD Bakshi on a Visit to SNBP International School Pune Attended by Dasharath Bhosale & Team

Reading for homework makes it pleasurable

Some parents believe that assigning homework to their toddlers can hamper their family time but the truth is far from that. Reading can be an excellent way to make homework fun and exciting and also academically enriching.

Reading skills is crucial and will thoroughly benefit the learners throughout their life in their desirable professions.

Even the act of reading is also accompanied with a ton of health benefits including, reducing the symptoms of stress and depression.

But SNBP International School, the top school in Pune, also allocates reading assignments during the holidays so that the learners can know a world beyond the world they have been living and can feel empathetic towards others. This practice, under the farsighted guidance of Dr. DK Bhosale, is highly recommended as this helps the learners strengthen their comprehension skills and build vocabulary, thereby keeping them connected to elements of education during their study breaks.

Homework can be a family affair

Holiday homework does not only involve sitting in the study room wrapped in a bunch of sheets. Instead of letting the kids suffer alone by doing everything by them, parents should take the initiative of joining them in their homework. The best CBSE school in Pune designs project in which all the family members can participate thereby turning into a cozy but fun family affair.

If you are looking for the list of best CBSE schools in Pune that encourage interactive projects for their pupils and make learning an enriching experience, then choose SNBP International School, Pune which is pioneered by Dr. DK Bhosale.

You can breathe a sigh of relief with that sense of security, that your precious little kid is finally admitted to one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Pune.

Importance of Yoga in School Curriculum

Most of the school-going kids have a lot to deal in life which includes pressure from school, teachers and also their parents. The anxiety and the stress start right from the class which would include pressure from teachers to finish the assignments on time, deadlines, numerous exams, peer pressure and also pressure from their own parents to do well in their academics.

The scientific discovery of the functions of the different sides of the brain has furthered the cause of yoga. Its expansion of consciousness has been explaining the need for the implementation of these disciplines in our lives.

And keeping this focus, one of the top schools in Pune, SNBP International School Pune under the leadership of Chairman Dr. DK Bhosale has integrated yoga in its curriculum now.

What makes Yoga so important in today’s context?

Let us find out –

  • Manage stress and anxiety: Well this is a known fact that Yoga can help in releasing tension and Yoga’s and cease the mental chatter. Students are often stressed out and thus need to calm their mind for performing well in class and also among their peers. Yoga is a great method for releasing tension and encourage the students to perform well.
  • Develops focus and concentration: Practicing yoga postures help in developing more focus and helps children to focus and concentrate in school and get better grades. SNBP International School in Pune is a great institution which gives equal importance to physical activities and academics.
  • Manage weight: Children spend long hours tend to consume a lot of junk food and also sit in one place for long hours without any physical activity. All this is a result of the changed lifestyle of kids these days who are too lazy to even go out and play. Yoga helps to counterbalance this lifestyle. Do check for best cbse school in Pune which also includes yoga in their curriculum.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence: Yoga helps to instill confidence and to bring learning to children on an experiential level. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes that a child can learn the value of yoga and the school must help them in this regard to boost their inner confidence.
  • Improves flexibility, balance, and body posture: Children can face having bad body structure and a hunched back because of bad body posture and sitting for long hours in front of their computers. Yoga helps in improving their posture at a young age and avoid complications in adult life. The Pune international school is best for your kid’s better future and academic success.
  • Improves the quality of sleep: Children should sleep for up to 7-8 hours each night. A good night’s sleep allows the body to be healthy, ready, and energetic for the next day. If you check you will find that the top 5 schools in Pune have included mandatory yoga sessions for their pupils’ welfare.

In SNBP International School Pune under the judicious chairmanship of Dr. Dasharath Bhosale is among the top schools in Pune that offers a holistic approach in developing a kid’s future. Dr. DK Bhosale has indeed created a healthy learning environment for an overall better experience of growing up into responsible individuals.

Importance of Gender Equality in Education

Education knows no boundaries, it is neither limited by age nor by gender or social standards. The stigma related to the education of girl children has been an issue for a very long time. But with the passing time, the scenario has changed a lot. Girls are no longer restricted within the walls of domesticity. They have come forward and achieving heights of success as an equal to the men of the society.

A reputed Pune international school like SNBP international school Pune has come forward with their vision to make quality education accessible to all. The respected Chairman of this esteemed institution, Sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, explains equal opportunities for women are needed for sustainable development of the society. Discrimination towards women has only resulted in delayed economic and social growth.

SNBP International School Pune
SNBP International School Pune

But what is the way of putting an end to this? The top International school in Pune understands the major role schools play in this regard.

  • School’s involvement: a safe and secure environment in school ensures the increase of girl students. An inclusive school setting and mentality is required for better participation. All best CBSE school in Pune ensure that the school environment is discrimination free.
  • Awareness: one significant aspect which poses as a problem is a lack of awareness among students and parents about the facilities and exposure through education. Pune international schools organize campaigns to educate people about the importance of gender equality in education for shaping society for better and their own future as well. Through workshops, students are taught about gender sensitivity and need for a violence-free atmosphere in the school.

Through many initiatives taken up by SSC schools in Pune like incentives to girl children, providing training, opportunities for higher education, the goal of equality in education has been somewhat achieved. These have helped children be self-dependent opening up a new avenue for employment.

Dr. DK Bhosale
Dr. DK Bhosale

In today’s competitive market women no longer play a subservient role. In many cases, they are the primary bread earner of the family. Only through proper education and training, it is possible.

  • Self-worth: Education is only important for employment but also for understanding your own value. Dr. DK Bhosale believes only through proper education one can realize their true potential and it can increase their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Break stagnant norms: Education is the fundamental right of all people in a democratic society. It is essential to cross the narrow boundaries of traditional and predefined gender roles. To come out of the stagnant norms of society. Nullifying the stereotypes is the motto of education.
  • Make improved decisions in life: Dr. DK Bhosale trusts that education will empower women to make better life choices. They can become better role models to inspire the younger generation. It will enable them to maintain balance. Gender biases have taken a toll on the development of the country as a whole. Quality education can fill this void.

SNBP International School Pune, one of the best Pune international school, aims to produce global citizens of tomorrow under the leadership of Dr. Dashrath Bhosale. Among the top 5 schools in Pune, this institution envisions the holistic development of all children.

Significance of Environmental Education in School

The exploration of environmental issues, problems, and facts through simple language are known as environmental education in India. This develops awareness, knowledge, and understanding of environmental concerns.

Now, while it does not provide any particular course of action to the students, it does create a viewpoint on the topic. It has to be noted that environmental education in an International school in Pune and environmental information are two different things. The schools impart environmental education.

Nowadays we can see how much harm the environment is bearing today from human influence and is a major concern for nearly every nation across the world.

So it is very important to start schooling the next generation about this important subject. And nurtured under the care of Chairperson Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the SNBP International School Pune has been successful in carrying out this effort to amend the environment.

How can schools promote environmental concerns in the mind of young pupils?

IB board schools in Pune has implemented this subject in all types of syllabuses. These schools are quite disciplinary in their approach. In a holistic environment, they are trying to examine the major environmental issues critically from the local, regional, national and international point of view.

During early childhood, manipulative skills are developed a bit at home. A child receives guidance in learning personal hygiene, problems of food and water contamination and cleanliness. However, at this early stage itself, a child needs formal environmental education. The best international schools in Pune have introduced subjects like hygiene, the study of nature, population education and values. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale has been keenly instrumental in integrating the right awareness about the environment in his institution as well.

Role of a school in providing environmental education

A teacher is assigned to integrate environmental education into a number of formal and non-formal education programmes. The teacher is well aware of the responsibility to create awareness for environmental pollution and remedies to check them. Socialized activities like debate, discussions, and dramas are organized to enlighten the students and distribute the various environmental aspects amongst their minds. Forest trips are also being organized by top CBSE school in Pune to develop a taste of natural beauty and acquire the knowledge about flora and fauna. Dr. DK Bhosale and his team have made sure that the same role is played by the teachers and the school atmosphere in SNBP International School Pune.

Different types of co-curricular activities are also organized to explain to students how environmental pollution can be dealt with. This can work for them to promote a better living environment in the future.

The necessity of environmental education in schools

Due to increased degradation of various aspects of the environment, it is of utmost importance that environmental education should be made a part of the education system. Environmental education targets simple changes in the environment that can make a huge difference in the long run. The best schools in Pune have critically held this topic from a different point of view. This includes practical sessions that can be implemented directly.

Dr. DK Bhosale has made a huge difference by establishing one of the best International school in Pune, which takes every effort to integrate the environmental aspects along with children’s education.

7 Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day in School

Climate change and the growing plastic pollution worldwide is nothing new. Who is better to fight these glaring disasters than the younger generation? All well-known primary schools in pune like SNBP International School Pune spread awareness among their students about the need to conserve Mother Earth. Honourable Chairman Sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale wants to educate children about the ever-increasing problem of Global Warming and how they can take a pledge to save Nature.

Tree Plantation - SNBP International School, Pune
Tree Plantation – SNBP International School, Pune

World Environment Day is observed in almost all the best schools in Pune. It is celebrated on 5th June every year. Each year the theme of the day differs according to the need of the hour. Various schools undertake different strategies to celebrate the special day in unique ways which will enable students to understand the value of the special day.

Here are some creative ideas to schools can undertake to make the celebration interesting:

1. Skit: There is no better way to teach children than teaching with the help of their peer group. Children learn faster if they are engaged in the act. A skit is a fun way to involve children in the drive. Dr. DK Bhosale believes if children are given the responsibility to do something on their own their level of confidence would raise.

2. Dance Drama: Many primary schools celebrate World Environment Day through a dance drama as it is easier for the little ones to connect with the theme rather than listening to speeches about the importance of the day. Through music, they learn about the earth through music and express themselves through dance. Dr. DK Bhosale explains in this way more participation of children can be assured.

3. Field trip: To know the environment better children can be taken for a nature hunt. The more they come close to nature the better they feel the need to conserve it. SSC schools in Pune makes sure some field trips are arranged for children every year. Let the children explore nearby park or garden for a period of time and take note of the things they observe. They can share their experience in the presence of friends and teachers or they can draw the things they noticed.

4. Poster making: Teachers can suggest some topics based on the theme of the year and students can prepare charts, models and posters to spread awareness among others.

5. Campaigns: Students themselves can hold campaigns to make the local people more cautious about saving energy and proper disposal of waste etc.  Cleaning up the school compound can a way children will appreciate the need to conserve and also the community can be involved actively.

6. Activities: Almost all well-known international school in Pune hold workshops to highlight the importance of recycling. In art and craft classes competition can be held where children can make use of the waste materials to create something useful.

7. Tree Plantation: Make the school compound greener and healthier. Students can bring saplings and plant it in the school garden taking an oath to carry on this good deed around the year.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale - Honourable Chairman SNBP Institutes
Honourable Chairman Sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale

SNBP International School Pune with its vision to create a healthier atmosphere for children in primary schools in pune has come up with many strategies to turn this agenda in reality under the guidance of Dr. Dashrath Bhosale. The schools being in the list of top 10 CBSE schools in Pune is committed to make learning experience smooth and deliver quality education to your ward.

How to Spot and Stop Signs of Bullying at School

Children though very innocent at heart are vulnerable to manipulation. Before they fully develop the concept of right or wrong on their own they adopt a lot of things from adults. Honorable chairman of one of the top Pune international school, sir Dr. Dashrath Bhosale believes all human beings have positive and negative personality traits, but it is the collective responsibility of the schools and parents to check on the negative traits of children. We as adults can help children shed the negativity and come back on the track.

Signs of Bullying at School
Signs of Bullying at School

SNBP international school Pune ensures your child grows in a healthy atmosphere. Parents must cooperate with facilitators at school to enable children to have a balanced development of mind and body.

How to spot signs of bullying?

  • If a very jolly and extrovert child becomes withdrawn and reserved they might need some help.
  • If children are scared of a particular person or a group of students.
  • Students who are quite regular in school suddenly become reluctant to attend school, they might be facing some difficulty in school.
  • A surprising drop in a student’s performance. Dr. DK Bhosale suggests the performance of a child depends on their mental well being as well.
  • Signs of anxiety or depression in a child.
  • Students forming groups in even primary schools in Pune.
  • If belongings of the child are found missing or broken regularly but they fail to justify it. 

Bullying can be of various types. It can be physical, verbal, emotional or psychological. Bullying of any sort is harmful and it should be put an end to. International schools in Pune include children and parents in their workshop to spread awareness about the problem of bullying. Dr. DK Bhosale stresses on the involvement of children in these cases.

How to stop bullying at school?

Stop bullying at school
Stop bullying at school
  • Involvement of teacher facilitators is important in this regard. They can study the behavioral patterns of students. Students forming groups of any kind should be monitored properly. Top international school in Pune are all equipped with necessary security services to identify acts of bullying.
  • The intervention of counsellors in special cases is required to guide children who are showing signs of bullying. All reputed CBSE schools in Pune must have a counsellor mandatorily.
  • Understand the situation; get to know their background to reach the root of the issue. Sometimes a broken home or disturbing childhood may result in unwanted behavioral traits. Teachers give children a motherly touch.
  • Make students aware of the consequences of bullying but it should be logical and rational. Be careful as severe punishments may not produce satisfactory results.
  • Instead of charging the child publicly a one to one communication will be better saving them from embarrassment.
  • Be firm but kind so children can confide their problems in you. Encourage students to share their feelings with a friend.
Dr. Dashrath Bhosale

Children often indulge in a playful fight with friends and have their own way of showing affection to their peers. Their actions should be observed with care first then any judgment should be made. All top schools in Pune now have updated security services to keep children under vigilant watch. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains the minds of children should flourish in a safe and secure environment like SNBP International School Pune one of the top Pune international schools.

7 Tips To Help Your Kid’s Transition From Summer To School Routine

Times are a-changing so is the concept of education worldwide. The pen and paper method and chalk and talk are things of the past.

Top schools like SNBP International School Pune are rapidly growing keeping the need of the hour in mind. The respected chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes in the all-round development of children. For healthy growth of mind and body of a child, a proper balance is required only this will result in their holistic development.

Best International School Pune - SNBP International School Pune
SNBP International School Pune

Summer vacation has always been full of fond memories to cherish for a lifetime. It gives children a much-needed break from the continuous pressure of study. Dr. DK Bhosale on how important the role of summer break is in a child’s life. It gives them time to dwell on the things they love, opportunity to spend some quality time with family or simply indulge in their hobbies. International School in Pune believes it’s never wise to burden children with a lot of work during this time but otter is important that children are able to jump back took the routines.

Here are some tips for parents to help out your child maintain a balance between both:

1. Maintain a routine: Kids find it difficult to transform from the laid back vacation to disciplined school life. Try to keep the daily routine same like the meal timings and sleeping hours. All the best schools in Pune suggest that children follow a similar time table during the breaks as they follow while attending schools every day so the adjustment is easy.

2. Be in touch: A complete detachment with studies may not produce a fruitful result. Let your child enjoy the vacation but let them make use of their spare time in reading story books or general knowledge book or solving simple math problems so that the connection with school and studies are not completely lost.

3. Think out of the box: Almost all IB board schools in Pune ensure your child’s leisure time is spent doing something creative and useful which will enable their higher order thinking skills. Plan similar activities and games like quiz, word puzzle, sudoku to encourage them.

4. Proper use of time: Use this time to discuss with your child the strategy they can follow in the upcoming tests or competitions. The Top CBSE school in Pune stress on co-curricular equally.

5. Self-motivation: Let them set some landmarks for themselves considering what they want to achieve this year comparing with the last year. In this way, they’ll be looking forward to joining the school.


6. Well planned trip: Unlike every year’s trip surprise them with a family field trip. Relating what they have only read in books with the reality is something they will remember forever.

7. Revise the rules: children are under constant monitoring and vigilant watch of teachers. Dr. DK Bhosale believes that manners and discipline are as important as education. Imbibe those values in your child again and again so they are followed in school as well.

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale has come up with a vision to provide your ward with world-class facilities and international learning experience with SNBP International School in Pune. A bright future awaits them to let them grow and shine with one of the best International schools in Pune.

How to Manage Temper Tantrums of Kids in School

Kids are quite vulnerable and sensitive in general. When left in a new environment they can show signs of anger and irritation because of the absence of their parents. Temper tantrums are very common among kids between the ages of 3-5 years old. It includes whining, crying, shouting and throwing things all around the place. It can be quite a task for the teacher to look after them and keep them under control. Sometimes they might even refuse to eat the whole day.

SNBP International School Pune, Dr. DK Bhosale
SNBP International School Pune, Dr. DK Bhosale

Veteran Chairman and Founder of SNBP International School Pune, Dr. DK Bhosale says that kids generally throw tantrums because they are unable to speak out and communicate clearly. Once their motor and oral skills develop they tend to mellow down.

The top primary schools in Pune hire qualify teachers to take care of little children. But being a preschool teacher can be quite exhausting as one has to deal with these tantrums of the little ones almost every day.

But kids are kids, after all, and managing their temper tantrums can be easily done with a few tips:

  • Proper attention: Provide ample attention to what the kid is doing. Being a teacher of the top International school in Pune, one should be careful of the little thing the kid is up to. Also, appreciate the kid if he or she shows good classroom behaviour. This would help the kids to mellow down a bit, get motivated to do better and make them understand the difference between negative and positive behaviour.
  • Know your student: Primary school teachers of the top cbse school in pune are trained to gauge every emotion and behaviour of the kids in a class. As a teacher, you need to understand their weaknesses and also what might trigger them to become defiant. According to Dr. DK Bhosale, this understanding is needed to tackle a situation instead of making matters worse.
  • Keep them engaged: The top schools in Pune always try to keep their kids busy with different fun and informative activities to keep their minds engaged. At SNBP International School Pune, under the able guidance of Chairman Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, kids are also taken outside the classroom for short excursions, to distract their minds and bring them closer to nature.
Sketching and drawing
Sketching and drawing
  • Keep your calm: Whenever a child is frustrated and is throwing a tantrum we should never lose our cool and must try to deal with the situation with patience. To deal with small kids in ssc schools in Pune it is important to first control our own minds.
International School in Pune

One of the best primary schools in Pune, SNBP International School Pune under the chairmanship of Dr. Dashrath Bhosale offers a holistic approach in developing a kid’s future and also has the best primary schools in Pune.

Why And How To Prepare Your Child For A Field Trip

Students love the idea of missing out on their regular school days just to go for a day out with their friends! While your child is excited and counting days you need to prepare your child for the upcoming adventure they are willing to get into.


Field trips help children in more ways than one, that you can probably imagine. You can guide them with some valuable tips that even the top CBSE school in Pune, the SNBP International School Pune follows, under the mentorship of veteran Chairman Dr. Dashrath Bhosale.

Why should you prepare your child before a field trip?

A field trip can be either a rough sailing or a smooth sailing in the seas, and to ensure the latter you need to guide your kid. Student excursions play a pivotal role in your kid’s emotional and intellectual development. If the best CBSE school in Pune includes field trips as a part of its curriculum, then feel lucky because not all schools consider the importance of outdoor trips.

Dr. DK Bhosale observes that some kids might feel anxious the night before regarding the outdoor trips if they are not familiar with it. Then it will be your job to make them understand about the entire thing and ease their stress.

How should you prepare your child for an outdoor trip?

Follow these easy tips to ensure your child has a good day at their first field trip:

  • Be fully prepared the night before

Pack everything necessary in your child’s back the night before and even if any last minute packing is left, make sure to make a note of it. Inform your child about the places you have packed in the essentialities (money, medicine). Iron their uniform to avoid last minute hassles which will lead to your child getting late for their trip, organized by the best SSC schools in Pune.

  • Choose the clothes carefully

If the top CBSE school in Pune, headed by Dr. Dashrath Bhosale does not put any restrictions on clothes, then choose clothes to keep into consideration the weather. Choose dark-colored woolen clothes in the winter and if the trip is being organized during the summer, pick soft and airy outfits. Pack essential items but don’t stuff your kid’s bags with unnecessary stuff.

  • Sit and talk to your child

Some kids might feel overwhelmed or stressed, especially if they are going for a field trip for the first time in their life. Answer all their questions (if any) and teach them the way to behave in a public place, how they should react if they feel unwell. Mental preparation is one of the ways to ensure that your child enjoys at their trip while being at their best behavior.

The best International school in Pune, the SNBP International School Pune believes parents should have a talk with their kids the night before the trip.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale,Chairman SNBP International School
Dr. Dashrath Bhosale,Chairman SNBP International School
  • See if your child is ready

To get your child ready at the stipulated time, make them sleep and wake up at the right time so that they remain energetic throughout the day, as advised by the chairman of the best school in Pune, Dr. DK Bhosale.