Cambridge Pune Community Meet held on 21st Sept

SNBP Institutes in Pune are among the top schools in the country that are known for excellence in education. But academics are not the only thing that SNBP Institutes focus on because, under the holistic guidance of the Educationist and Visionary Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the Chairman of SNBP Institutes, their focus is to create all-round responsible adults from young students.

Dr. DK Bhosale - Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune
Dr. DK Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP Institutes, Pune

Chairman of SNBP Institutes, Dr. DK Bhosale strongly believes that children, the future of our country, must be nurtured right from the grassroots levels so that they grow up into mature and empathetic individuals with a deep sense of responsibility and righteousness. For that to happen, the schools need to shape them from all aspects, starting from academics to extra-curricular. 

With this aim, the Cambridge Pune Community Meet was conducted, to acquire a deeper and stronger foundation of knowledge about the two main aspects of the Cambridge Curriculum, namely – 

  • The transition from IGCSE to A-Level.
  • Best practices followed by Cambridge schools.

The Cambridge Pune Community Meet was held on September 21st 2019. It was a very fruitful and engaging session. Mr. Akshay from Cambridge, Mumbai came to attend this meet-up. Senior faculty and teachers from SNBP Institutes were also among the vital participants.

Ms. Jayashree Venkatraman - Principal of SNBP Institutes, Pune
Ms. Jayashree Venkatraman – Principal of SNBP Institutes, Pune

Ms. Jayashree Venkatraman who is the Academic Director of SNBP World School Rahatani was there. Ms. Venkatraman is an eminent educationist herself with more than 26 years of experience as a teacher. Her brilliant career milestones are dotted by numerous laurels and recognitions for her contribution in this field.

Other distinguished participants from SNBP Institutes included Ms. Sarita Singh and Ms. Ranjeeta Durani who is the Coordinator. Apart from them, the list of delegates included many other Principals and Coordinators of other reputed Schools.

The dignitaries shared their experiences and views that they had gathered from the Cambridge Conference that took place in the UK in September 2019. They unanimously agreed they indeed felt extremely honoured to be associated with Cambridge University. This fruitful association has guided them to open up their views on education.

According to their experiences, the prevailing status of education in India can be further enriched by aiming to enlighten and develop the pupils first, which includes focusing on the development of their practical skills as well as learning concepts. The main idea of this Cambridge Pune Community meet-up was to discuss and share these thoughts and ideas so that the students can in turn benefit in the long run.

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