Veda Chanting at SNBP International School

The Veda or Vedic Mantras are ‘Apaurushya’,’Imperson’ and ‘Authorless’. This is the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature directly conveyed by the Devine to the Rishis in the olden times. According to scriptures, Vyas Rishi is the compiler of Vedas; who arranged the Vedas as Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharva Veda.

Veda Chanting at SNBP International School

On the event of Dr. DK Bhosale (Chairman and Founder) birthday celebration to be celebrated on 7th Oct’19, a havana along with Veda chanting was carried out to mark the beginning for the celebration, on 5th Oct’19. Students of SNBP, Rahatani in large numbers along with parents witnessing the same pooja was performed. The ritual was carried by Dr. DK Bhosale (Chairman and Founder) along with his soul of life Dr. Vrushali Bhosale (President). This event was organized and conceptualized by our Principal, Ms. Jayshree Venkatraman and Principal, Ms. Priyanka Agrahari showered her presence for the blessings further.2000 students from across Classes 3rd to 7th chanted Vedas in unison. A very divine environment was created instilling peace all across.

Dr. DK Bhosale -Birthday Celebration

The aura created by the students of SNBP looked as if divinity and god and goddesses marked their presence and created a mystic feeling of spirituality and peace.

Erasable And Reusable Game Boards To Practice Skills And Concepts Taught

Erasable And Reusable Game Boards

With the changing times, International schools in Pune are also adopting new teaching methods. What makes a school stand out from the others? Our honourable Chairman Sir Dr. Dashrath Bhosale believes that the major component is flexibility and adaptability. The way a school adjusts to the contemporary learning method establishes it as a unique educational institution. SNBP International School Pune is perhaps one of those schools that have managed to evolve from better to best within just a few years.

IB Board schools in Pune believes the foundation of children should be strong that is the reason Dr. DK Bhosale emphasizes the role of facilitators in skill building and capacity building of students. The visionary explains if the concepts of the subjects are clear to the students half the objective of leaning them is achieved. That is the reason the best school in Pune works with the students from a very young age. And as a bonus, the technology has added the cherry to the top. 

Other than the audiovisual aids and other new modes of the teaching-learning process to cater to the different learning styles of the students, board games are particularly helpful to develop and practice skills and teach concepts.

How useful are these erasable and reusable game boards?

The game boards are hugely popular with children and teachers alike and there are plenty of reasons behind that.

Dr. DK Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune
  • Usage: It is well known that children learn better when they are actively involved in the teaching-learning procedure. These board games are easy to use and also are child-friendly. With these board games, Pune international school provides students with an opportunity to learn through hands-on activities. One such glaring instance is abacus. The different play way method of abacus make a subject like mathematics popular among children.
  • Variety: The traditional chalk-and-talk method is now out of fashion. It is particularly not popular with little children. A board game in a classroom brings about the necessary variety in the everyday course of study. Games help children learn the concept better and also helps to serve the individual learning styles of students. As Dr. DK Bhosale rightly states in this regard that variety is the secret of retention of information better.
  • Appearance: Board games are attractive and colourful. These are ideal for students whose learning style is kinaesthetic. Another perk of using board games is that students are engaged in doing the activities thus managing class becomes easier. Top schools in Pune take the help of the games to teach to increase attentiveness and attention span of the students.
  • Complements the subject being taught: As respected Chairman, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains these games are not independent of just for recreation. They are meant to supplement the subject that is taught in the class. Teachers adopt age-appropriate games to teach difficult concepts and also develop a skill.

SNBP International School Pune, one of the top International schools in Pune, aims for the holistic development of children and believes it to be a step to reach nearer to their educational goals.

7 Habits To Improve Memory And Sharpen Brain Function

Habits To Improve Memory And Sharpen Brain Function

Just like any other muscle of the body, the brain too needs regular exercise to get a boost. If you want to stay focused and want to improve your concentration you need to perform some brain exercises that help you to become brainy.

The best primary schools in Pune, such as SNBP International School Pune, are trying to instil good brain training habits in children so that their future becomes rewarding. The chairman of this school, Dr. DK Bhosale, believes that brain training is the key to have a great life in the future and when these children will grow up to become adults they will be able to reap the benefits of the brain training.

Let us now look at the 7 great brain-training habits that can effectively improve the memory and sharpen brain function, if performed regularly.

1. Try to avoid multitasking as much as possible. Multitasking doesn’t let you concentrate on a single work properly and hampers creativity as well as productivity. Multitasking further induces brain fatigue. Stress due to multitasking can take its toll on your overall brain health. SNBP International school in Pune, under the guidance Dr. DK Bhosale, encourages students to complete one task at a time, but the given task needs to be perfect. Dr. Dashrath Bhosale believes that this brain exercise increases the agility of young brains.

2. Exercise for 20 minutes at least every day. Aerobic exercises help to reduce the chances of dementia or amnesia or Alzheimer’s disease. SSC schools in Pune such as SNBP International School Pune have included aerobic exercise as a part of their curriculum so that the students remain fit and smart always.

3. Get plenty of sleep. Adequate sleep can make a person smarter and more active. Minimum seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary daily, for the brain to function properly. The brain can assimilate information the fastest when you are sleeping.

4. Practice a hobby. If you are passionate about something you can pay more attention to the nitty-gritty and that is important. A hobby will break the monotony and your brain will get a break which is necessary for it to develop. Some hobbies help your brain to think and become sharper.

5. Observe more. Listen to everything and learn things that you need in life. Whatever you read, learn and see try to remember and according to your understanding make bottom line notes to refer to later on in life.

6. Remember what is important. Don’t overload your brain with unnecessary information all at a time. Filter all the information that you get this can improve brain health and can make it sharp. Discard irrelevant information.

7. Stay positive always. If you are an optimist your brain will function better. The best schools in Pune try to teach something new every day and help students retain the relevant information.

Dr. DK Bhosale – Chairman, SNBP International School, Pune

SNBP International School Pune, one of the top primary schools in Pune, aims at making every child ready for a bright future. The Honourable Chairman, Dr. Dashrath Bhosale believes that if a generation is educated wisely…the wisdom will be propagated and later will make the world a better place. Their unique way of handling each child has enabled them to be one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Pune.

Renewable Resource Facts for Students

Renewable Energy Resource

Nature is an integral part of our growth. Our honourable chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains that Science is one of those subjects that makes us aware of the usefulness and wonders of nature. Schools like SNBP International School Pune try to develop a positive outlook among children that helps them appreciate the importance of nature and makes them grateful for the resources they receive from Mother Nature.

How important is Nature?

This is perhaps one answer we all have. From the ancient age when people were completely depended on Nature for food, shelter and clothes till the modern time all the facilities we enjoy are gifted by nature. Dr. DK Bhosale states it is one debt we owe to Nature that cannot be repaid. The whole sustainability of mankind depends on Natural resources. SNBP Pune International school aims to build their children in such a way that they become responsible citizens of tomorrow and take up the pledge to use these renewable resources Nature offers in the perfect way.

What are renewable Natural Resources?

Natural resources that can be used time and again and that are replaced naturally are known as renewable Natural resources. The portion of the natural energy that is consumed is replaced through natural reproduction of other means within a given period of time. Freshwater, solar heating, wind power are some of the natural resources.

Some amazing facts about renewable natural resources:

  • Renewable sources are part of the natural environment thus they are less likely to run out of supply. However human activity affects the supply of these resources. Water pollution is a major drawback. Water is considered as a renewable source but almost 3/4th of water in Earth is not suited to be used as drinking water. The water consumed is groundwater the production of which is much slower. Keeping the present scenario in mind the top CBSE schools in Pune arrange for various public awareness campaigns to highlight these issues.
  • The natural energy is renewable but the process of replenishment is much slower than the consumption thus Dr. DK Bhosale advises students at SNBP International School Pune to treat is as an asset. The supply of natural resources like oxygen is a great concern now due to rapid deforestation and urbanisation. SSC schools in Pune undertake various strategies to emphasize the need to conserving nature and urges their students to do the same.
  • Production of electricity requires the usage of renewable resources mainly.
  • Hundreds of years’ age timber were the most used energy resource. But with the increased supply of other resources like coal, petrol and natural gas, the usage of wood decreased.
  • Oil and natural gas are sometimes considered to be non-renewable as these cannot be quickly replaced. Primary schools in Pune tries to build up this awareness from a very young age.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the visionary Chairman of this top Pune International school believes that education is not only learning and memorising facts. Education helps to build a great conscience among students, makes them empathetic and humane. SNBP International School Pune that is counted as the Best school in Pune moves forward with this goal.

What are the Benefits of Group Study

According to most primary schools in Pune, there are plenty of benefits of studying in a group. At SNBP International School Pune, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, eminent educationist and Chairman of the school, encourages his students to reap the advantages of studying in a group, for better performance during examinations. If you are unconvinced about the advantages of this method, read on to find out exactly how impactful group studying can be:

The various advantages of group study

1. It prevents you from procrastinating

When we study by ourselves, we are often tempted to take an elongated break or quit after a few hours. Sometimes, we don’t want to study at all and end up putting it off. This tendency to procrastinate can be easily done away with if we join study groups. A lot of CBSE schools in Pune suggest that students study in groups to avoid procrastinating.

2. You will learn faster

It has been observed that students who work in study groups generally learn their material faster than students who study alone. This is due to a very simple reason- what may seem difficult to one student can be easy to another, and the mutual cooperation between students would enable them to help each other without the intervention of teachers. This also helps build teamwork and bonding between students. This is why the SSC schools of Pune ask students to study in groups rather than by themselves.

3. You will see the text from new angles 

When you study in a group, you receive the opinions of different people. It differs from when you study alone because these different understandings of the text promote more mature and thorough learning of it. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale thinks that it is important for students to receive opinions that are different from theirs because it helps broaden their minds and helps them take better decisions in the future.

4. You will never get bored

When you’re studying alone, it can get boring after a while. Since anything is better when shared with friends, why not make it the same for studying? When you’re studying with a group, you don’t get bored easily. Study groups make education fun, the reason behind its popularity in some of the top schools in Pune.

5. You will be able to fill in the gaps 

It might be possible that while learning something, you don’t understand something completely. For international schools in Pune, learning in a group helps you fill in these gaps of your learning with the knowledge you gain from the other members in your group. This holds for learning techniques as well- Dr. DK Bhosale says that students may be able to upgrade their learning techniques when they see their peers do something different and more beneficial.


At SNBP International School Pune – one of the best primary schools in Pune, Chairman Sir Dr. DK Bhosale and his team of teachers want the best for their students. Group study can help students develop their learning skills faster than before, and therefore perform better- not just in examinations, but also in the corporate world.

Significance And Importance Of Navaratri In India

As you will learn in every international school in Pune, Navaratri is the amalgamation of two words- ‘Nava’ which means nine, and ‘Ratri’, meaning night. This Hindu festival is spread over nine nights and ten days and is one of the most anticipated religious festivals of the year. At SNBP International School Pune, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale considers it important to educate his students about the history of this festival, and its mythological roots.

What is Navaratri? 

Navaratri is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Shakti, who represents the energy of the cosmos. The nine nights are reserved for the veneration of the nine different incarnations of the deity. There are four different kinds of Navaratri celebrations spread out throughout the year- Chaitra Navaratri, Paush Navaratri, Magha Navaratri, Sharad Navaratri, although the Sharad Navaratri- also known as the Maha Navaratri- is considered the most important. Navaratri is usually observed during the month of Ashvin. At SNBP International, one of the top IB board schools in Pune, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale advocates teachers to narrate the importance of this festival to young students.

Why is Navaratri important? 

Dr. DK Bhosale – SNBP International School, Pune

The central importance of Navaratri, according to Dr. DK Bhosale, lies in its message- that good will always win over evil. As children will learn in CBSE schools in Pune, the eastern and north-eastern belts celebrate Navaratri in the form of Durga Puja. According to legend, Goddess Durga fought the evil demon Mahishasura, and the festivities celebrate her victory. In the northern and western sections, however, Navaratri marks the nine-day fight between Rama and Ravana, and his victory over the demon king. 

While Durga Puja begins with Mahalaya and ends with Dashami, Navaratri ends with Dussehra. Dussehra is specifically significant, and in many cities of the western belt, straw idols of Ravana are burnt to uphold the core message of the festival- that evil can never win against good. 

How is the festival celebrated? 

The top 5 schools in Pune suggest that both Navaratri and Durga Puja are celebrated with a lot of pomp and vigour. The idols of Goddess Durga are worshipped regularly during the four main days of the festival- Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami. The melody in the percussion instruments fills the air as people join in on the fun and frolic. 

For Navaratri, cities in the western and northern belt put up demonstrations of Ramleela- the story of Rama’s defeat of Ravana. Along with decorations, traditional dance recitals like dandiya and Garba form the primary attraction of the festivities. On the last day of the celebrations, the idols and effigies are either immersed or burnt. Students learn all about Durga Puja and Navaratri in the best schools in Pune


At SNBP International School Pune, which is also considered to be one of the best international schools in Pune, students learn about the mythology associated with Navaratri under the able guidance of Dr. DK Bhosale. The knowledge of one’s cultural practices is crucial to the formation of well-rounded individuals who take pride in their heritage and cultural identity. 

Why We Celebrate 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti in School

Gandhi Jayanti in School – SNBP International School, Pune

“If we are to teach real peace in this world…we shall have to begin with the children.” – Mahatma Gandhi

SNBP Pune International Schools follows this ideology of Gandhiji, the Father of the Nation, and wants to inculcate the good habits in the children. Under the guidance of Honourable Sir Dr. DK Bhosale SNBP International School Pune celebrates Gandhi Jayanti, on 2nd October, to commemorate the birth of “Bapu”, his high moral standards in life that have inspired people all over the world.

On this auspicious day, Bapu’s quotes and words of wisdom are remembered so that students can get inspired and work towards making India a better place.

Gandhi Jayanti is one of India’s biggest National celebrations and this occasion is celebrated with mirth and gaiety in the all top International Schools in Pune. The gusto and enthusiasm with which this occasion is celebrated are worth noticing.

How does SNBP International School Pune celebrate Gandhi Jayanti? 

Led by eminent educationist Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, the Chairman of this top CBSE school in Pune, students and faculty conduct vivid programs on this day.

The children gather in the school premises and celebrate this occasion by taking part in several debates, essay competitions, cultural events organized by the school committee. These events not only help the students to understand the importance of this event but also helps them to develop; they learn the importance of teamwork, all the students learn to share. They understand the value of solidarity and brotherhood.

Through various events, the top 10 CBSE schools in Pune attempts to bring them together and they mingle with each other irrespective of caste, creed, sex, and religion. This feeling of unity and standing together no matter what is instilled in students from the very early stage of their childhood which is why these students grow up to become responsible citizens of India.

What is the significance of Gandhi Jayanti?

According to Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, this event is not just the birth anniversary of a great man but is a way that facilitates the holistic growth of children so that they can shine, make India proud in the future and work towards bringing the change by making “One India”.

Dr. DK Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune

Bapu has taught us a lot and through this event, we try to inspire our students so that they can become independent just like Bapu who discarded the products manufactured in Britain instead started producing and using indigenous products. Today India has gone places, it is true but there’s a long way to go to reach the zenith and these little kids if educated and guided properly can take India to the Peak and make this nation the greatest of all, considering all aspects.

SNBP International School Pune is considered to be the best school in Pune and parents want to send their kids here because this school doesn’t only provide formal education but also the education that makes a child real human being filled with compassion, love for others, kindness and high virtues.

One of the best Pune International Schools, SNBP aims to make sure that every child grows up to become a true leader, a true patriot, and the epitome of honesty. This has been made possible because of Dr. DK Bhosale and his mission to bring out the best in students.   

What is The Purpose Of World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day - 2019

The UN established World Tourism Day in 1980, and since then, it has been celebrated on the 27th of September each year.

As you will learn at some of the best Pune international schools, like SNBP International School Pune, the purpose of this day is to promote the social, economic and political benefits of tourism. The events organized on this day seek to talk about tourism and its economic, social and political benefits. Dr. Dashrath Bhosale encourages his students to participate in these events to broaden their perspective on seemingly recreational things like tourism and understand the underlying benefits that come with the industry.

History of World Tourism Day

The UNWTO first designated 27th September as World Tourism Day during its third session in Torreminolos, Spain, in1979. This date was specially chosen to commemorate the acceptance of the UNWTO statutes. Most of the top CBSE schools in Pune will provide children with the information they need regarding this important day.

The theme of the first World Tourism Day held in 1980 was “The contribution of tourism to cultural heritage, peace and mutual understanding”. Since then, the events of the day have taken place under different themes, as selected by the UNWTO General Assembly.

In 1997, a protocol was passed which suggested that the organisation collaborate with a new country each year to celebrate the event. The first country that the UNWTO partnered with was Mexico. Thereafter, the organisation used a geographical order to decide which country hosts the events of World Tourism Day next.

To make things simpler for students, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains this procedure as hosting a hockey tournament, where each of the top schools in Pune takes turns to host the match every year.

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune

What are the celebrations of World Tourism Day?

The celebration of World Tourism Day is kept in accordance with the UN guidelines, which means that it is not a public holiday in any country. Local and international tourist spots all over the world encourage the promotion of tourism on this day.

Some of the international schools in Pune, like SNBP, take this opportunity to raise awareness amongst students regarding their need to preserve the tourism hubs of their own country. Dr. DK Bhosale is very particular in making sure that the students receive a positive message about this day.

World Tourism Day 2019

The theme of this year’s World Tourism Day is “Tourism and the Digital Transformation”. With rapid digitisation taking over the world, the impact that it has had on tourism and its various sectors is undeniable. The purpose of this event is to bring together all the members of the tourism industry to find sustainable methods to urbanize the industry.

At SNBP International School Pune, considered to be one of the best schools in Pune, the chairman Dr. DK Bhosale ensures that his students are kept up to date about the events going around the world. That is why the curriculum in this Pune international school is designed in a way such that it shapes global citizens who are aware of the proceedings of the world.

Cambridge Pune Community Meet held on 21st Sept

SNBP Institutes in Pune are among the top schools in the country that are known for excellence in education. But academics are not the only thing that SNBP Institutes focus on because, under the holistic guidance of the Educationist and Visionary Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the Chairman of SNBP Institutes, their focus is to create all-round responsible adults from young students.

Dr. DK Bhosale - Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune
Dr. DK Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP Institutes, Pune

Chairman of SNBP Institutes, Dr. DK Bhosale strongly believes that children, the future of our country, must be nurtured right from the grassroots levels so that they grow up into mature and empathetic individuals with a deep sense of responsibility and righteousness. For that to happen, the schools need to shape them from all aspects, starting from academics to extra-curricular. 

With this aim, the Cambridge Pune Community Meet was conducted, to acquire a deeper and stronger foundation of knowledge about the two main aspects of the Cambridge Curriculum, namely – 

  • The transition from IGCSE to A-Level.
  • Best practices followed by Cambridge schools.

The Cambridge Pune Community Meet was held on September 21st 2019. It was a very fruitful and engaging session. Mr. Akshay from Cambridge, Mumbai came to attend this meet-up. Senior faculty and teachers from SNBP Institutes were also among the vital participants.

Ms. Jayashree Venkatraman - Principal of SNBP Institutes, Pune
Ms. Jayashree Venkatraman – Principal of SNBP Institutes, Pune

Ms. Jayashree Venkatraman who is the Academic Director of SNBP World School Rahatani was there. Ms. Venkatraman is an eminent educationist herself with more than 26 years of experience as a teacher. Her brilliant career milestones are dotted by numerous laurels and recognitions for her contribution in this field.

Other distinguished participants from SNBP Institutes included Ms. Sarita Singh and Ms. Ranjeeta Durani who is the Coordinator. Apart from them, the list of delegates included many other Principals and Coordinators of other reputed Schools.

The dignitaries shared their experiences and views that they had gathered from the Cambridge Conference that took place in the UK in September 2019. They unanimously agreed they indeed felt extremely honoured to be associated with Cambridge University. This fruitful association has guided them to open up their views on education.

According to their experiences, the prevailing status of education in India can be further enriched by aiming to enlighten and develop the pupils first, which includes focusing on the development of their practical skills as well as learning concepts. The main idea of this Cambridge Pune Community meet-up was to discuss and share these thoughts and ideas so that the students can in turn benefit in the long run.

Why is Creative Thinking Important for Students

Creative Thinking Important for Students
Creative Thinking Important for Students

“Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.”—Paulo Coelho.

Creative thinking can make a child’s future bright and rewarding. Creativity and the power to innovate are the gifts of God to mankind and with the help of this gift, humankind has been able to achieve what not.

Children are like soft clay we can mould them the way we want and that’s why we should encourage them to become creative. The hidden talent in a child needs to come out fully for the betterment of society. This is why all top primary schools in Pune such as SNBP International School Pune, under the guidance of visionary Chairman Dr. DK Bhosale, encourage kids to think out-of-the-box.

What is the importance of creative thinking in students?

  • Problems inspire creative thinking in a person or child. In an adverse situation the best idea to handle the situation springs up out of nowhere and that’s creativity…. Suppose you are making a sculpture and you don’t know how to make it life-like… you will think and consider all angles like which tool to use, which technique to use, etc. And that’s how you are actually igniting creativity in you to make that masterpiece you always wanted. The best schools in Pune attempt to nurture the hidden creativity in each child.
  • Creativity shapes the undaunted spirit, the ‘never back down’ attitude is formed and a child grows up to become an optimist if his/her creative thinking is tantalized. A creative thinker looks at a problem not as a problem but as a chance to solve the problem and derive goodness out of apparent sadness.
  • A creative thinker is an explorer… always curious and has the hunger to know more which is very important for students. SNBP International School in Pune, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes that every student has the potentiality to achieve something great in life and that is why the school authority promotes the holistic development of each child so that the child can think freely and achieve greatness.
  • Many SSC schools in Pune are encouraging students to take up workshops and other stuff apart from formal studies so that their spirits can fly high and they shine in life because creative thinking makes a child hard working and laborious as well as smart. According to Dr. DK Bhosale, the chairman of SNBP International school Pune, children have the ability to change the world and this change can come by dint of hard work and innovation so the students of SNBP International school Pune, the best CBSE school in Pune are encouraged to think out of the box and many co-curricular activities are included for their wholesome development. 
Dr. DK Bhosale, the chairman of SNBP International School Pune

The total development of a child is the main motto of SNBP International School Pune. They strive to bring out the best in the students so that they can excel in the future. The Honourable Chairman of this reputed primary school in Pune, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale takes every measure to ensure the best education for all and that the pupils learn with joy and freedom.