All You Need to Know Why CBSE Makes Art Compulsory For Classes 1 to 12

Recently, the CBSE made headlines when it declared art to be a compulsory subject of the curriculum for students of classes 1-12. The move has been taken and the board members even went further saying that a minimum of two periods per week must be devoted to the subject of art education. SNBP International School Pune, the best CBSE School in Pune has been also taking measures to include all major forms of art, stated by its chairman Dr. Dasharath Bhosale.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has finalized the decision, so to ensure art integrated learning among students and owe the children effective learning outcomes.

Art Compulsory For Classes 1 to 12

Which forms of art are included in the curriculum and how will the idea work?

As per the directives of the latest sensational news, four main streams of art like music, dance, theater, and visual arts need to be covered by all the schools present under the CBSE board, like the International school in Pune.

Even the teaching methods are going to undergo evolution by focusing mostly on the learning experience of the students.

All the art subjects would even come with homework, theory, practical and project work; just like any other subject present in the curriculum.

Most CBSE schools in Pune thereby are adopting ways to remodel their curriculum so as to fit in the art subjects, as per the law.

But as for SNBP International School, the best CBSE school in Pune, it is happy news as art subjects were always a part of their syllabus because the veteran chairman Dr. Dasharath Bhosale always believed in its benefits.

Why was this step necessary?

The curriculum of the board was found to be redundant and mundane at certain places which seemed to impact the student’s minds making them accustomed to only learning of the science subjects. But they need to come in contact with the informative world of art as well. Most children have a trove of creativity but it does not get the chance to show its face to the world owing to non-creative syllabuses made by schools.

That is why the board decided to go with this decision so that the students besides keeping up with their studies can pursue their fields of interest like painting and even dancing.

SNBP International, guided by Dr. DK Bhosale and the other top schools in Pune, conduct various art classes so that students can follow their interests and even develop a career based on their passion.

What is so unique about this step?

With the initiative to take education towards learning and beyond, the board has decided that there would be no formal exams for the art subjects.

Even the CBSE and the IB board schools in Pune will follow an innovative pedagogy which involves teaching popular scientific topics, like the planets and the universe through elements of art.

Students of the classes 6-8 will also have to study culinary arts apart from the 4 subjects mentioned above.

Although the best CBSE school in Pune, SNBP International School Pune under the expert leadership of its chairman of Dr. DK Bhosale has implemented this joyful method of education a while ago, other schools would soon be following it.

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