Choosing The Best Schools in Pune that Make Children Love Studies Again

It is not so surprising that finding a good school in Pune is one of the most often raised concerns today. No wonder, as a parent, you would leave no stone unturned to make the right choices for your children and start planning things years before. When it is a question of your child’s future, you want your choice of school to be perfect. However, deciding the schools can be challenging for young parents who mostly feel clueless about it. After all, their children’s future depends on their decision. They often have several questions in mind such as — which education pattern to choose? What are the essential parameters to consider while choosing a school? What should be their financial commitment? If you are seeking the best school in Pune and have an array of questions in your mind, considering the following tips will definitely help:

Focus on Non-Negotiable Components:

Certain must-haves should be on the top of your list while selecting the school. These consist of safety of your child, hygiene and health standards within the premises and extra-curricular activities. Besides the basic amenities, ensure that the school follows children-friendly practices. It would be better to ask someone who teaches or studies in the specific school. You may want to ask about student and teacher interactions, classroom environment, philosophies and values and principles that the school adopts. You are likely to make effective decision depending upon such honest opinions.

Know About the Teachers:

Teachers are the backbone of school, society and nation. A school with various modern facilities cannot be proved useful for your child unless it has the right teachers. In addition to academic qualifications, school teacher must subscribe to child-friendly perspectives and should ensure psychological and emotional well-being of children. If it is possible, contact the respective teachers before admission and know their attitude towards educating children. It is also essential to do a thorough research about specific schools and how they treat children, check if there has been cases of violence or abuse against children.

Location and Transportation:

Ideally, your child’s school should be near your home, which usually saves time as well as traveling cost. It also ensures that the children do not get tired in commuting long distance. Often small nearby schools have elementary classes and kindergarten. Make sure that you find a school with classes up to 12th standard. If you are finding a new house or shifting to different location, search for a house with a good school nearby. It is not always possible to find a school at a cycling or walking distance from home. Here comes the need for transport facility of school. It is crucial to check safety standards, bus tracking and monitoring and on-time performance while considering school’s transport facility.

Choose the Right Course:

If we talk about choosing best CBSE schools in Pune, there are various options available. But, you need to consider a few factors before choosing the one, the most essential being the nature of your job. Is your job transferable? Is there a chance of getting posted overseas? If yes, your child will be moving to different locations with you. In these cases, CBSE, ICSE or IB schools have obvious advantages over State Boards. So, you can opt for one of these options if you will be transferred to metro cities.

Learn About the Teaching Methods:

Rote learning, practiced mostly in Indian schools, is often criticized as the major reason for degrading learning standards. With less focus on proper analysis and understanding of concepts, these primitive teaching practices restrain imagination and creativity. And the great news is that many Indian schools are now changing their teaching methods and are welcoming better opportunities for effective learning. Most of the top schools in Pune maintain healthy teacher-student ratio. They work towards empowering the teachers as well as improving the methods of learning. Besides traditional instructor-led classes, many schools are including digital learning such as speakers, projectors, smart boards, remote, etc., in their education system. This technology-backed teaching makes the learning intriguing and engaging for children and also makes it convenient for teachers to assess student and plan classes. Considering the swiftly growing use of technology in education, schools that follow these practices in teaching can be significant in the skill development and learning of your child in distinct ways.

Co-curricular Activities are Must:

Nowadays, most of the schools expect the children’s involvement in different extra-curricular activities. While it is important for the development of your child, what you must ask the school management is how these activities will shape your child. Also, you need to ask if such activities are compulsory for the students. On the other hand, too many extra-curricular activities might not leave space for your children to enjoy their free time.

Observe the Schools:

Prior to finalizing any schools, visit all the schools that you have shortlisted. Visiting a school is the best way to decide if the school meets your preferences and cater to your child’s development, be it extra-curricular or academic. Contact the schools you want to visit and fix an appointment. It would be better if you can take out some time during school hours, preferably second half and visit some classes. This will give you a real idea of school’s management and how it operates. See what teachers have to say about that school. See if the school is well maintained and clean and the staff is friendly or not. Try to speak to teachers and principal and clarify your doubts by questions and check if it fulfills your expectations and values. They can also give important information related to fees, policies and other expenses.

Schools like SNBP International School is one of the best schools in Pune. The school’s objective is to truly shape your child the way you want them to grow and excel in different fields.

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