With the growing need for awareness about body and touch in today’s time, SNBP World School organized a talk by the SHY Foundation for the students of grade 5 to grade 9. Ms. Reshma was the resource person who conducted the talk for the students. There were two sessions for girls and boys respectively. Ms. Reshma initiated the talk with the girls on the topic of anatomy. She spoke about the body parts and the menstrual cycle. She explained to the students how the menstrual cycle functions, its importance and what role it plays in the female body. Ms. Reshma spoke about menstrual hygiene as a part of the session and how one must take care of. She also put light on the topics of ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’. She also spoke about different gender perspectives on masculinity and femininity. Girls from all the classes were keen on listening to the same and they were interested throughout the session.

She took the next session with the boys wherein she covered similar topics along with ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ among boys. She spoke about what to do and how to react in the situation if ever one feels he is being touched wrongly.

Both the sessions were extremely interactive and the children actively took part in the same.

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