Cracking the Code:Spending Your Free Time Productively

Spare time has become like a rare gem. But when you do find it better make sure you appreciate it and use it wisely. This gem could be your road to success.

Putting efforts into non-school related activities can enhance those aspects of your life that ensure a smooth road to success. That being said, success doesn’t necessarily mean growing professionally. These activities could improve your personal life as well as academics and help you develop new skills that might change your view on things and people.

Make a schedule that requires you to invest only a minimum amount of time carrying it out. One of the most important things to remember while making such lifestyle changes is that jumping into all of them or most of them at once might mean failure.

Read: One of the easiest things to follow through on the list of activities for productively using your free time has to be reading! If you don’t do any sort of reading right now, you could start by reading short stories, poetry or even the most basic thing i.e. the newspaper.

Books have the ability to make you start thinking actively. And with active thinking, your concentration power is bound to improve. Reading for 15 minutes before going to school will help you in by increasing your productivity.

Your reading habit can help you in developing a better impression in school too, since schools like SNBP, Best International School, Pune encourages its students to participates in debates and recitals.

Learn: Learning doesn’t stop at school. Once you’re back home, you could invest your time in learning something new, like maybe a new language or some form of art. The major aspect of seeking someone that teaches the language or art you want to learn is eliminated because you can do all that and still attend “classes” of your interests right from home.

There are many websites that will be able to assist you in your search for the best platform to learn. Just learning the basics of any art will keep your mind focused and engaged.

You could also start working on a project you’ve been wanting to do for a while but have never gotten around to it because you “never had time”. The internet can help you with the research part and gathering details of the process.

Clean: It is reasonable that as a student you have a bunch of subjects to study for and a number of books to maintain. And there’s stationery that can’t be counted on hands and toes! With all of this, your desk is bound to get messy after a week or so, and a messy desk means a messy mind. Clearing your field of vision will definitely help you clear your mind and make space for relevant information.

The whole ‘clean and clear desk’ is guaranteed to make you feel efficient enough to finish your homework and any extra work. Along with this, it will become easier for you to follow through the tasks you have lined up for the day.

Volunteer: This is probably the only way by which you can help yourself and strangers. Involving yourself in volunteering work can make you more sympathetic towards the ones you’re supporting and yourself as well. Volunteering helps you form human connections by introducing you to other like-minded volunteers. Finding people that you share common interests with and meeting them on a regular basis can improve your mental health and open up your mind to new and better possibilities. As for the recipients of your volunteering work, they would be ever so grateful.

Pick a volunteering job that you already have an interest in, say maybe helping animals, adults, children, or just the regular old community service.

Write: It doesn’t really matter what you’re writing about as long as it makes sense to you. Also, you don’t have to show it to anybody unless you want their opinions, right?

Start by writing in a journal, recording your day-to-day experiences, feelings, and activities. It should take only you about 10 minutes to write about that particular day. And yes, you’ve heard this a lot, from teachers and parents and even your friends that maintain a journal but it’s too difficult, isn’t it? Or do you lack motivation? Whichever it is, just have a little faith in yourself and avoid skipping a day or two between journals.

If you’re dreaded by the idea of committing to writing every day you could opt for writing blogs! Pick any topic that interests you and just let all your feelings out. Maybe the first few blogs don’t turn out as good as you expected, but so what? Keep trying. And who knows, after a while, you could become a proper poet or a writer?

Skill: Even if you have the slightest interest in a topic and wish to explore it farther, there are multiple websites that take online classes and try to provide practical knowledge as well. And if you don’t have a skill set already, it’s not late to develop one. These websites could have experienced teachers from all around the world taking classes.

Possessing an extra skill set means you have expanded your scope of knowledge and can help professionally.

Exercise: Divide your free time in such a way that you can include at least a 10-minute work out in there. A few warm-up exercises and a jog could be the next best thing that happens to you. If you have a little free time before school fit in your work out plan during this time. After a few days of following the schedule, you’ll be left feeling energized the whole day. If you find that you have some spare time in the evening before or after extra classes, that would work too since it will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The exercises that you do will build muscle, burn calories and send more oxygen to your brain. All of this will indirectly help in reducing stress levels.

Explore: If you’ve lived in the same city all your life you probably know all about it. But there’s a slight chance you might have missed out on some nook or corner. Often we forget to look back on and understand the history of the city and miss out on how the historical monuments beautify it. Go out to explore the narrow streets jam-packed with people hustling to live every day.

While exploring the interior parts of the city, you might just find about customs that the inhabitants follow. Gaining a new perspective on people’s lives can help you evolve into a better person.

Family and Friends: In the busy lives we live, as students or as working parents we forget or lack in giving time to the ones we love. So whenever you find that yourself lazing around looking through the same social media apps, again and again, make a habit of putting it away and spending that time with your friends and family.

Spending quality time with the people you love and appreciate every day or every other day will help you improve your mental health by restoring the bond you shared when you had time.

Start by adding one activity to your daily free time schedule. While being ambitious is excellent, being overly ambitious might mean you fall face down. Rather than taking the risk of leaving the activity altogether, it would be better to go slow. Make small and achievable goals for each day.

All the activities mentioned above are doable with just a tad bit of determination and consistency. You will see a positive change in your life after taking on this new venture if you follow them whole-heartedly.

At SNBP International School, we encourage children to develop and maintain good values, ethics, punctuality and provide the means for holistic development. Since we have a strict ‘no tuition’ policy our students are left with a lot of time on hand that can be utilized for various activities.

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