Each Child is special

My Teacher Thinks I’m Special

Written by: Mary C. Howard

My teacher thinks I’m special.

It comes as no surprise.

She doesn’t have to say so.

I see it in her eyes.

She tells me all about herself,

Her family, friends and dreams.

That makes me feel important

She trusts me with those things.

She says I have potential.

She sees things others don’t.

She sees those things that I WILL DO,

And not the things I WON’T!

She puts her hand on top of mine,

And tells me, “Way to go!”

“You can do it! “Try again!”

“I’m proud of you, you know!”

It’s not my fault, it’s really not,

There’s three ways to spell “TO”.

With choices always facing me,

I don’t know what to do.

Sometimes I can’t spell anything,

My fives are upside down.

Two plus two makes three. I think!

I turn ‘b’ and ‘d’ around.

The rules all have exceptions.

You can’t depend on those.

The letters can say anything.

What is that word – WHO KNOWS?

I guess that when you’ve learned to read

It’s easy to forget.

It really is quite difficult

When you haven’t learned how yet.

My teacher tells me stories,

Sets the words and pictures free.

And while I’m learning how to read,

She reads such tales to me.

My teacher takes my hand in hers

And guides me on the way.

She knows I’ll read in my own time …

Though maybe not today!

My teacher thinks I’m special,

Unique and very bright;

A shining star in my own way.

Know what?


Posted by Mrs. Vishakha Gupta

Vice Principal- SNBPIS Chikhali

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