Educate to Inspire: Great Teachers Make Great Leaders

A great teacher is one who every student cherishes forever and fondly remembers them in every stage of life and on every achievement. Teachers have a long-lasting impact on the lives of students, and in the same way, students also inspire their teachers. Young students usually feel that a great teacher is someone who provides classroom entertainment and focuses very little on discipline and assignments. That’s not true, it takes a lot to be a good teacher:

Attitude is key

Teaching requires a lot of hard work, and great teachers work tirelessly to create a challenging and nurturing environment for the students. Great teaching is less to do with the knowledge and skills than the attitude towards the students or the subject. The qualities that make great teachers are not easy to duplicate or inculcate.

Key Characteristics Of Great Teachers

Respect: A great teacher gives value to each and every student’s ideas and opinions. It takes a lot of self-confidence for students to feel comfortable and safe to express their feelings and learn to respect and listen to others. This facilitates a good learning environment for all the students in the class.

Sense Of Belonging: A mutual respect in the classroom provides a supportive and a collaborative environment. In this way, there is an acceptance of a structure where there are few rules to follow and assignments to be done, and each and every student is aware that he or she is an important and an integral part of the classroom.

This way the students know that they can not only depend on the teacher but also on their classmates. Working together will help the students in making good presentations, finish assignments on time and meet all the deadlines.

Care And Approachability: Teachers who are caring and approachable for the students, can find solutions to any problems in the campus. Teachers who possess good listening skills can ensure that every student can tackle their problems effectively. The problems of young minds should be handled flexibly.

Shared Expectations: Students generally give teachers as much or a little less than expected of them. Teachers realise that their expectations of the students greatly affects their achievement in the classroom. Variations in the grades serve as positive reinforcements.

Learning: Great teachers inspire students with their passion for learning and constantly renews themselves as professionals in order to provide the students with the highest quality of education. As a result, the student will have no fear of learning new approaches or incorporating latest technologies into presentations. Customised guidance is important in schools.

Skilled Leadership: Effective teachers focus more on shared decision making, teamwork and community building. As a result, the students try to take up opportunities to assume the leadership roles.

Innovation: Brilliant students find out new ways to make a presentation interesting and they also make sure that every other student understands the key concepts that they want to convey. Even the teachers should respond with concerted guidance.

Collaboration: Intelligent students view collaboration as a way to learn from their fellow professional. Great teachers use constructive criticism along with advice as an opportunity to grow as an educator. Age, experience and seniority cannot be ever imposed.

Professionalism: Good students emulate teachers in various ways, from organisational skills to personal appearance and preparation for each day besides communication skills.

While teaching is a gift that comes quite naturally to some people, others have to work hard to achieve the great teacher status. SNBP International School is one of the best schools in Pune with teachers who understand the potential of each student and nurture their talent.

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