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The future of a society depends on the standard of its primary education. Primary education has to be approached with a lot of creativity, wherever dedicated academics nurture young minds. It will mould them ready for the hidden challenges in the long run of existence. The education sector is one of the necessary social sectors in developing countries. If a proper standard can be maintained in primary education, then mechanically all the issues in primary education i.e enrollment, drop – out, retention, completion and so on can be resolved step by step. A holistic primary education permits kids to reveal their inner skills for developing their temperament. Top elementary schools, like SNBP School & Jr. College address the issues prevailing in the primary education. The methodologies adopted in classroom teaching ensure not only the acquisition of knowledge but also the necessary social skills.

The city of Pune is renowned for its highly developed regions and unique culture, tradition, high – spirited fashion. It is a vital education hub of the nation too. Till date, Pune had laid the foundation of educational establishments that include colleges, universities, analysis academies etc. SNBP School & Jr. College possesses a veteran status in the edification field. This institution is successfully progressing and imparting quality education to the future generation.

The ex-President of India, Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam had always emphasized the importance of primary education. In the seminar titled ‘Evolution of the distinctive’, he had said that“ India’s future depends on the quality of Primary Education”. Education is the principal instrument for developing human capabilities that have the power to face challenging scenarios.

The underlying goals of the Primary/Elementary education

SNBP School & Jr. College

The basic goal of elementary education is to identify the slow bloomers and strengthen their skills to become academically robust. Elementary education comprises smaller categories and a lot of variety in terms of academics. It helps a learner to explore the world of knowledge. In their primary schooling age, students are vulnerable to influence. They must be and safeguarded from the wrong and guided to distinguish the ‘rights’ from the ‘wrongs’.

We need to care for every young child’s education since first-class learning from a reputed educational institution lays the foundation for normal education. It will boost children’s self-worth, and offer them the zeal to achieve success, as they grow up.

Finally, primary education is vital because it will help to fix the bricks of confidence to stand up in this highly competitive world. Utmost care must be given to cater to the need of the stakeholders.

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