Education Trends in 2019 and Admission Anxiety & Dilemma

The value of education in today’s world cannot be described in mere words, and in fact, it is more relevant than all the other aspects of one’s life. The worth given to education is so intense that in the world development report, Jim Yong Kim stated how uncontested education is, for the sectors of employment, earning and health.

As for societal development, it improves the economy, reduces poverty, stimulates innovation and strengthens institutions. So keeping in mind these factors, SNBP International School Pune has formulated an all-pervasive curriculum for its pupils.

This Pune international school guided by veteran Chairperson Dr. Dasharath Bhosale focuses on the following trends of education in 2019.

  • The rise of integrated learning solutions

Although a large number of schools located mostly in the posh cities have adopted technology in their classrooms for the betterment of the learning experience, most are yet to experience this joy. Therefore still they have to rely on the traditional chalk and talk method of education which proves to be of a little help in this highly competitive world. But since it is impractical for all the schools of this country to match the digital infrastructure of the top 5 schools in Pune, a temporary solution needs to be hunted out. Textbooks need to be designed in a way so to speak highly about practical and innovative learning ideas.

  • Application of formative assessment solutions

The past few years have seen the prolonged debates about the essentiality of the learning outcomes. As a result, the correct way of choosing an assessment is still in the forefront. However, mostly the assessment outcomes were seen in the majority of schools only focus to check the excellence of a kid based on the curriculum.

But thanks to the best CBSE school in Pune under the chairmanship of Dr. DK Bhosale, because they have brought in formative assessment solutions which will check not only the social and personal competencies of the students’ overall progress rather than only emphasizing curriculum progress.

  • Importance of learning any regional language

When our country is a trove of various popular and unpopular languages why only stick to Hindi and English? During admission, most students fret about the idea of the personal interview thinking that only speaking in English will ensure success for them. But that isn’t true, with Google launching its translate options for all the regional languages spoken till this day, importance would still be given on the number of regional languages, a candidate knows when they would sit for an interview in the International school in Pune.

  • Mandatory professional development of the faculty

We all know why teachers are called the principal pivot in the learning ecosystem and this is why the requirement for their development alongside the developed world is also increased. It is for these reasons that the best SSC schools in Pune believe in letting their teachers familiarize with the present and upcoming trends of the world of education.

Chris Gayle – West Indies Cricketer Visited SNBP International School Pune

While choosing the best school for your young kid, do consider the SNBP International School, Pune which is associated with the very knowledgeable Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the Chairman.

Dr. DK Bhosale’s intention has always been to offer innovative and highly intelligent learning solutions at this Pune international school, for the future leaders and achievers of our country.

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