Erasable And Reusable Game Boards To Practice Skills And Concepts Taught

Erasable And Reusable Game Boards

With the changing times, International schools in Pune are also adopting new teaching methods. What makes a school stand out from the others? Our honourable Chairman Sir Dr. Dashrath Bhosale believes that the major component is flexibility and adaptability. The way a school adjusts to the contemporary learning method establishes it as a unique educational institution. SNBP International School Pune is perhaps one of those schools that have managed to evolve from better to best within just a few years.

IB Board schools in Pune believes the foundation of children should be strong that is the reason Dr. DK Bhosale emphasizes the role of facilitators in skill building and capacity building of students. The visionary explains if the concepts of the subjects are clear to the students half the objective of leaning them is achieved. That is the reason the best school in Pune works with the students from a very young age. And as a bonus, the technology has added the cherry to the top. 

Other than the audiovisual aids and other new modes of the teaching-learning process to cater to the different learning styles of the students, board games are particularly helpful to develop and practice skills and teach concepts.

How useful are these erasable and reusable game boards?

The game boards are hugely popular with children and teachers alike and there are plenty of reasons behind that.

Dr. DK Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune
  • Usage: It is well known that children learn better when they are actively involved in the teaching-learning procedure. These board games are easy to use and also are child-friendly. With these board games, Pune international school provides students with an opportunity to learn through hands-on activities. One such glaring instance is abacus. The different play way method of abacus make a subject like mathematics popular among children.
  • Variety: The traditional chalk-and-talk method is now out of fashion. It is particularly not popular with little children. A board game in a classroom brings about the necessary variety in the everyday course of study. Games help children learn the concept better and also helps to serve the individual learning styles of students. As Dr. DK Bhosale rightly states in this regard that variety is the secret of retention of information better.
  • Appearance: Board games are attractive and colourful. These are ideal for students whose learning style is kinaesthetic. Another perk of using board games is that students are engaged in doing the activities thus managing class becomes easier. Top schools in Pune take the help of the games to teach to increase attentiveness and attention span of the students.
  • Complements the subject being taught: As respected Chairman, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains these games are not independent of just for recreation. They are meant to supplement the subject that is taught in the class. Teachers adopt age-appropriate games to teach difficult concepts and also develop a skill.

SNBP International School Pune, one of the top International schools in Pune, aims for the holistic development of children and believes it to be a step to reach nearer to their educational goals.

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