Exam Preparations: Helping Your Child to Plan and Organise

While exam stress is a normal thing to happen to any student, but its recurrence is certainly not acceptable. High levels of continuous stress and anxiety lead to defined physical ailments along with underperformance in exams and mental health problems. So, as parents, you cannot normalise exam stress and anxiety before every test but sit down with your children to find the root causes of such a recurring outcome. And more often than not, you will see that it is the mere lack of organisation and planning that leads to unnecessary anxieties before exams. Help your children in the following ways to plan their exam preparations better. Guide them gradually to become efficient managers of their own time.

Set daily, weekly and monthly goals

Goal-oriented studying is an effective strategy to move forward at the right pace and be adequately prepared when the exams arrive. This is a technique used by the top institutes in the list of schools in Pune to cover their set syllabus and achieve more from their classrooms in minimum time. Start by understanding the potential and competence of your children. Accordingly, divide the entire annual lessons into daily, weekly and monthly goals so that cumulatively they cover the entire syllabus set for the exams. This way, the students can keep track of their current progress and play catch up if they are falling behind.

Prioritise based on difficulty               

Not all students are good at all subjects. Some students may understand science more naturally while others may be efficient in learning geography or literature. Teach your children to recognise their areas of strength and prioritise based on the same. For instance, if science is a subject of interest for your child, he/she will learn its concepts readily. So, set more time aside for literature or history early on as these will naturally take more time to learn. By prioritising in this fashion, every subject receives its deserved attention and nothing gets left behind only to show itself right before the exams.

Show them how to connect studies with assignments

The purpose of home assignments is to promote the ability of self-study among students and the top CBSE schools in Pune will make this clear from the very beginning. You can take the opportunity of homework to show your children how to study along with completing the assignments instead of just rushing through them mechanically. An essay set for homework can become a practice session for the end of the year exams. Completing the worksheet at the end of each chapter can help with revision. Give these tips to your children to utilise their homework time in the right way and apply that same allotted session for completing both assignments and studying for exams.

Create the habit of using a planner

This is probably the best lesson that you can impart to your children. With the use of a planner, students can allocate their day’s tasks exactly where they need to be and not get overwhelmed at any point. There can be a fixed time to play, study, go to school and rest. No activity should disrupt exam preparations. Help your children to create the planner and show them how to negotiate with time. Early on, extra-curricular activities can have considerable time in the planner but they must reduce as exams approach. Both online and offline planners are effective tools of organisation. And the habit will benefit your children their entire lives.

Teach them to study smart

Studying smart is what the top 5 schools in Pune teach their students to keep their exam stresses at bay. Not everything can be covered. Perfection is never the ultimate goal. In smart studying, students know exactly what to expect from their examinations, study to that level, and perform in a way that is as per their self-expectation. Teach your children the skills of reading fast, skimming long study materials, comprehending concepts rather than memorising, and using flashcards for fast revisions. All of these tactics add up to destress right before the exams and help the students to perform to their full potential.

SNBP International School guides its students and parents to learn the skills of exam organisation. The teachers not only advise their students on the planning process but work with the parents as well to make the methods even more effective. When your children are part of such an institution, you can expect all-round assistance in every form to guide the students to anxiety-free examinations. It is indeed not normal to stress out every time. With proper planning and organisation, exams can truly become just another part of the entire educational process.

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