Helpful Tips in shortlisting the Best English Medium Schools for Your Child in Pune

Being a parent often means having to make choices about things that in the past were beyond a shadow of a doubt. For example, when it came to sending one’s child to school “back in the old days”, most parents simply opted a school that was in close proximity to their house. There were very few who choose a private school or an alternative school that was located far from their residences. While today, since parents have many options, the task of choosing a right school for your child can be a challenging one. There are many factors that may determine the best educational choice. For instance, if the child is moving on to the next level you may want to choose a school based on the high school proximity as well. Or, if your child excels in a sport, you may choose a school based on sports coaching and athletic facilities provided on the campus. Or if you are planning on moving to a new neighborhood, you may choose a school based on walking distance or on your commute to work. Either way, doing your homework and asking the right questions will help you narrow down which school is really best English Medium School in Pune for your child and your family.

Where to begin:

Start by asking what your child’s need is and what the needs of the family are. Consider what your child’s strengths are and what they may already be showing signs of excelling at. For example, if your child seems to excel in a specific subject such as art or science you may want to steer your focus towards a school that specializes in that type of program. If your child is quiet, you may want to send them to a school with a smaller class size so they feel less intimidated or more likely to speak up when called upon.

Once you have painted a picture of what the perfect school scenario is, your next step is to turn your efforts to online sources. There are many great online tools that can give you information on the teacher to student ratios, national testing scores, number of students enrolled as well as how the schools are rated statewide and nationally.

If you have the option, nothing can beat an onsite visit to the schools that are most appealing to you. While you are on their campus, you can observe the teacher and staff interactions as well as, the student to student interactions. It is ideal to bring your child along with you to observe and get their input, especially since it will be their experiences that will blossom while in the educational environment long term. It is a good idea to formulate a list of questions for the tour well in advance.

Some questions can be simple such as:

  • How many classrooms do you have?
  • What is the average number of students in each class?
  • What facilities do you have beyond the usual?

To more in depth:

  • What is the school’s approach to reading, math, and writing?
  • Can the school share their curriculum?
  • What extra-curricular activities do you offer?
  • Are there after-school activities?

Another great way to research about Best English Medium School in Pune is by talking to other parents. Parents are often the best measure of what a school is like and can offer some great insight as to what the strengths and possible weaknesses of a school is. On occasion, there are forums and online groups of parent on social media that may allow you clear all your worries by freely raising all your concerns. All in all, just knowing that you can find a way to gain input on where your child receives their education is a great thing.

While we are talking about how to pick the Best English Medium School in Pune, there might be parents who would still be thinking whether their child should go to an English medium school or regional /local language school? The overwhelming majority of people in India prefer enrolling their little ones into English Medium schools.

An English School refers to a school or institution where English is the ‘primary medium of imparting education‘ to students in all subjects.

A thorough knowledge of the English language is extremely valuable and useful for communication at a global level; hence many countries have mandated that the English language is used as the normal education medium.

Introducing the children early on to English is one of the best things you can do for him/her. Below are some of the main reasons behind it:

Knowing English is essential

English is the language of conversations; it is also the language of computers. It is the language used to do business worldwide. It is the language the majority of the world speaks. Not being fluent in English could end up being a huge obstruction for you.

It will make your child more comfortable with the language

We tend to think in the language we are most comfortable with. And the languages we learn early in our lives are the ones we’re most comfortable with. So quicker you introduce to English to your child, the easier it will be for him to learn. It is a proven fact that our ability to learn new languages, go down severely with age.

They can speak without distressing over making mistakes

As we become older, we become more conscious of making mistakes. When we are young, we are not scared to make mistakes. Basically, we have to teach our children in English since it is crucial for their future and for that we should begin early. All this is incredible, however despite everything; we have to consider that children learn at their own particular pace. Additionally, English isn’t the only thing that they need to learn at school. So we have to strike the perfect balance teaching the children other languages.

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