Helping Children To Build Confidence To Speak English in Class

Build Confidence To Speak English in Class – SNBP International School, Pune

We send our children to English Medium Schools thinking that they would get really fluent with the language. As most of the work is done in the English language in India today, getting comfortable with the language has become really important. Along with writing skills, one should also have good communications skills in English. And for this, it becomes really important that as a child, they should start speaking in English from the start. Both home and school have major roles to play in instilling confidence among the children.

Dr. DK Bhosale – SNBP International School, Pune

Children spend a lot of their time at school, hence it is also up to the school to look after their English speaking skills. Dr. DK Bhosale of SNBP International School Pune, the best Pune international school believes that interaction is one of the best ways by which one can improve their confidence while speaking in English. He strongly feels that students should not only communicate with the teachers in English but also should do the same with other students. This would help them to improve their vocabulary and instill confidence in them.

How can you encourage your students to speak English confidently?

There are some fun ways in which SNBP International school in Pune under the leadership of honourable Chairperson Dr. DK Bhosale, helps build confidence among students to speak in English:

  • It is a great idea if the students can practice speaking in English with a native speaker. Doing so, one would be able to learn the correct accent and pronunciations. Continuously speaking in English would mean that they are practicing more and as a result, they would be able to speak with confidence.
  • The best CBSE schools in Pune should also think about incorporating audiobooks in their curriculum. Listening to a language also contributes greatly to speaking skills. Parents should also think about this and make their children listen to English audiobooks and other programs which would add to their vocabulary.
  • According to Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, students of SSC schools in Pune should not be pressurized with too much grammar rules to speak perfect English. This would hamper their speaking abilities and the kids would get more focused towards the rules. Reading books, listening to audiobooks the students would be able to speak properly without even thinking about the rules.
  • Another brilliant thing is that kids should be encouraged to maintain an English diary from their very childhood. They can update their diary daily with the day’s activities. Writing about their thoughts and feelings in English would help them to be much more expressive and as a result, they can be more confident about the language.
Jayshree Venkatraman – Principal of SNBP International School, Pune

SNBP International School Pune is one of the top 5 schools in Pune that helps their student to gain confidence in speaking the language. Chairman Dr. Dashrath Bhosale believes that each and every student needs to be very confident about English, which would improve their personality and they would become comfortable with the language. Following the above regime, both at home and in the Pune international school, students have now become quite confident with the language.

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