How can Teachers Keep their Students Motivated?

Teachers Keep their Students Motivated

Keeping the motivation levels high among a classroom full of students is always a challenge for teachers. Every student is unique. Each year then brings a new batch with separate needs and the cycle to inspire starts again. However, great teachers are known to ace this challenge year after year by guiding students down the right path of motivated learning. The tricks are simple, yet requires intuition, and the teachers of the best CBSE school of Wagholi find a way to balance all. As a result, academic performance breaks barriers since the students feel driven towards education and it never becomes a compulsion.

So, how do the expert teachers of good schools achieve such a feat? Here are a few effective ways.

Explaining the context of a subject

The primary and one of the most common reasons why students lose interest in their subjects is that they fail to understand the need for those topics as and when they learn them. Why must a student learn to mix one chemical with the other? How will Calculus ever help them in their lives? Instead of just stating the facts, try to bring out the contexts of such subjects and explain exactly where in the real world these subjects are constantly being used. Once students understand the need, they will automatically give their attention in class. Content without context is just information and staying motivated just to absorb information is difficult.

Creating a positive environment

Take the situation where a student misses out on doing his/her homework. A common way to approach this case as a teacher is to hand over an appropriate consequence and explain to the student where not doing homework will land him/her. Another approach that the teacher can take is to set an assignment that the student will feel motivated to do and the chance of missing out will reduce drastically. No punishments, no future-oriented lectures. The second method tends to create a positive environment for the students. By setting them what they want and evaluating based on their capacities, motivation levels will always run high.

Breaking the monotony at every step

Children have a very low tolerance towards monotony. If their regular classes involve sitting on the same desk and chair and learning by the same method, they will soon become disruptive and lose motivation. This is where teachers of the top 10 schools in Wagholi summon their creative side and adds the ingredient of change into their lessons. For instance, grammar classes can shift to computer labs. Science lessons can happen in the nearby planetarium. History can be taught by enacting a play or geography can come in the form of a documentary. When students find it difficult to predict how their lessons are going to take place, their curiosity will work to feed their motivation.

Making the students compete to learn

Positive competition can encourage students in a massive way. Instead of following the standard revising technique where students are required to answer a question the teachers ask, the whole session can be transformed into a quiz contest. Right here, students will compete against one another, working in groups, win and lose points, and work harder to better each other the next time. And when such a lesson format ends with a small prize, it spikes the motivation levels even further. Expert teachers find newer ways to make their students compete in a healthy manner. Driven learners are ambitious and teachers need to provide a little push from time to time.

Personalising the lessons

Probably the hardest tactic in this list but personalising a lesson according to a student’s needs in a room full of children is the mark of a great teacher. The best institute in the list of CBSE primary schools in Wagholi will direct their faculty to keep a tab on the behaviour and learning needs of their students right from the very beginning. Accordingly, lesson plans will be designed and personal sessions will get arranged. Personalised learning is more of group work for the faculty. One teacher needs to collaborate with another to understand a student better and guide accordingly. What teachers need here is an open mind and a mindset to entertain all forms of learners. The S.N.B.P. International School, Wagholi believes in educating its students by motivating them to their ultimate academic goals. At no point do teachers employ negative reinforcement techniques to push education? Under the able mentorship of veteran educator, Dr. D.K. Bhosale, both the teachers and students thrive in the classrooms and perform of their own volition. Where education is not a compulsion that is where it gets its deserved attention. Students need the motivation to study and their teachers must inspire.

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