How does a Good School Management Look Like

It is quite evident that a school is only as good as its management. The infrastructure, the faculty, the curriculum, and the daily proceedings, all of these can only function to their full potential if the management is driven and education-oriented. Then again, the good school management is never a single chair. No one person can run an entire institution at its full strength and take it to the heights that the students of the school deserve to reach. Thus, the great school management is always a team, composed of able leaders and with in-depth experience in both teaching and administration.


From the outside, it is indeed easy to pinpoint the necessary characteristics of good school management. But the real question remains, how does the management of the best school in Wagholi look like? What are the hierarchies and who occupies those chairs? Typically, the best school management will have the following structure:

The Principal

The top-most chair of any school as far as teaching and educational decisions are concerned. The principal is responsible for maintaining the educational quality in the classrooms, guide the faculty to teach better, sign off the necessary rules and regulations and helps to formulate the annual curriculums. This profile must be held by a person with considerable experience as the post demands most decisions to be education oriented. Without being seasoned in the field, the principal cannot view the essence of the ground level academic problems, take quick informed actions or change the existing system for the good. Here, the more experience in teaching and administration, the better is it for the school and the top school will always have an industry veteran as principal.

The Board of Governors

This is where the school brings in diversity. When the management has room for perspectives from different professionals who are either directly or indirectly connected to education, all the decisions that are taken within the premises reach a new level. A great board will have experts from a child psychology background, career counseling, fine arts, and different other sectors. All these will give the top management the resource to refine a decision, not just implement them blindly. If the school decides to abide by a particular teaching technique or include a new laboratory, the entire board can pitch in with their perspectives and come to only the best choice. Diversity in decision-making is crucial for any management and the top 5 CBSE school in Wagholi achieves that with the help of the board of governors.

The Founder Secretary, President, Director, 

The board has a founder secretary, president, and directors. One of these presidents and directors are the ultimate decision-makers when the other is absent in the school. However, anyone of them will always be available for the students, parents and faculty to communicate with. The role is heavily managerial and does not demand any teaching experience, but the person must have a vision towards educational growth and take the school and the society further. The board and the principal will take up all matters with the president and directors, and she will have to sign off every major decision. Although vested with top-tier powers, he/she has to be advice-oriented, easily available and driven. The founder secretary, Dr. D.K.Bhosale, sits near the helm of the school but must have eyes all throughout the ground.

The School Mentor

Only the top school in Wagholi will have a chair for a school mentor in their management. Only the top school will identify the trove of resources a veteran teacher can bring on the premise and help improve the educational level. The role may strictly be advisory, but the influence on decisions is never trivial. The entire hierarchy will always run their thoughts and opinions with the school mentor and ask for his/her guidance at every step. And along with the management, the school’s mentor will also oversee the teachers of the institution, the students of every class and share her immense experience with every member as and when possible. Not having a mentor will allow the school to function at an average level. But with the guidance, the escalation to a whole new level is always assured.

When you see the above four mentioned under the school’s leadership, be sure that this institution has a great educational record and is set to climb even newer heights. The S.N.B.P. International School has such a managerial structure where the post of president is ably managed by Ms. Vrishali Bhosale, the post of director is ably managed by Ms. Devyani Bhosale and Rutuja Bhosale, the school’s principal is Ms. Shweta Vakil and Mrs. Jayshree Venkatraman, the renowned educator, is present at her full capacity as the school’s mentor. Even the board of S.N.B.P. is diverse and naturally, all educational decisions that come out of the management room are supreme. Students need good school management to thrive, and this is the structure that guarantees that.

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