How To Balance The See-Saw Of Academics And Co-Circular Activities?

Education extends beyond books and classes. Some lessons are learned in the choir, some on the basketball court or during a debate session. Co-curricular activities offer students a chance to develop communication, leadership and time-management skills.

The secret to maximising your school experience is finding the right balance between activities and academics. Students usually gain important experiences when they are actually involved in campus activities.

5 Secrets To Succeed In Life

Manage Your Time: Go out and play with friends, but at the same time remind yourself about the assignments and make sure you complete them before the due date. Parents and teachers are going to put efforts but, you must also learn to take responsibility for your work. Ideally, you should schedule the regular daily study time, so that you can give equal importance to academics.

Don’t Procrastinate: Most students procrastinate to some degree but one should try to work on avoiding this. Procrastination leads to more stress than necessary and you will lag behind in your work. Take up the big projects and break them into smaller projects so you can complete them as fast as possible. Rather than cramming for exams in one night, spread your studying schedule in smaller time frames over the week.

“Work smarter, not harder”

Get Organised: This applies especially to the busy students. Save time by using a separate notebook for each subject and keeping highlighters, note cards and other resources easily available. Don’t waste your valuable minutes of study time trying to find a book, notebook or even a highlighter. Organise your books properly in the bag or on the desk to maximise your study time.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket: Some students come to a school primarily to study, then go to a graduate school or pursue their dream job. Others come to school primarily to play soccer, basketball or the musical instruments such as the trumpet. The most successful ones are the ones who take their classes seriously yet find some time out to discover and participate in other physical or mental activities.

Taking part in a variety of physical and mental activities and opportunities, help a student to not only learn and grow as an individual but it also builds their resume for the future. Make your routine while considering what you want your resume to look like after you graduate.

Learn To Say “NO”: Be honest with what you can handle and what you can’t. You may not be able to go out and spend time with your friends on Friday night if you need to do homework or do some research work.

SNBP International School, top school in Pune believes that there should be a balance between academics and extra curricular activities, so that a child can experience a holistic growth.

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