How To Deal With Failure – Let Kids Learn By Their Own

“Failures are the pillars of success” and that is true indeed. As adults, all of us, at some point in time, have experienced failure, and that has made us the persons we are today. We have learned from our mistakes and have moved on with life.

The facts about life need to be instilled in children, from the very beginning. Our children should be brought up in such a way that they do not get demotivated from failures, but rise to be successful in spite of failures.

Veteran educationist Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes that along with the guidance of the parents, it is equally important that the school imparts these values in the children. You would find many Pune international schools that have an all-round curriculum and academic facilities available, but most of them fall short in the personality development department.

SNBP International School Pune, under the able guidance of Dr. DK Bhosale, believes that personality development is the most important aspect of one’s life and that is why the school lays equal emphasis on that along with academics.

Helping children to deal with failures by themselves

From the very initial age, it is important to understand that failure and success are both parts of life, and feeling discouraged by failures can never be the solution. Dr. Bhosale has made this mantra a part of the school’s principles. One of the best CBSE school in Pune, it also encourages students to understand what might have caused a failure and how to overcome it.

Among the top 5 schools in Pune, SNBP School regularly conducts additional personality development sessions for the all-round development of its children. It takes care of each and every student – listening to their concerns and guiding them to decide the best solution for themselves. When they are guided to think for themselves, children are also able to make logical decisions regarding what would work the best for them to achieve a certain goal.

Dealing with the failure

Honorable Chairman Dr. DK Bhosale and his team of experienced teachers and child psychologists have designed a curriculum for students of this international school in Pune.  This special curriculum empowers kids to deal with failure with a positive frame of mind.

Some of the modules of this program include:

  • The teachers guiding the students without being their saviour
  • Encouraging the kids to try out new things and not be afraid about it
  • Teaching them the way to delay gratification
  • Helping the children to choose their role model and look up to their works and achievements
  • Imparting lessons in the necessity of setting and managing expectations
  • Encouraging the students to understand that failure is a part of life and that they should learn from it

SNBP International School Pune – the perfect place for motivation

Along with being one of the finest SSC schools in Pune that helps students excel in their academics, SNBP International School Pune also raises generations that are imbibed with happiness and grow up as positive individuals. Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, Chairman of this Pune international school, strongly believes that a person can only succeed when they know how to deal properly with failure.

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