How to Spot and Stop Signs of Bullying at School

Children though very innocent at heart are vulnerable to manipulation. Before they fully develop the concept of right or wrong on their own they adopt a lot of things from adults. Honorable chairman of one of the top Pune international school, sir Dr. Dashrath Bhosale believes all human beings have positive and negative personality traits, but it is the collective responsibility of the schools and parents to check on the negative traits of children. We as adults can help children shed the negativity and come back on the track.

Signs of Bullying at School
Signs of Bullying at School

SNBP international school Pune ensures your child grows in a healthy atmosphere. Parents must cooperate with facilitators at school to enable children to have a balanced development of mind and body.

How to spot signs of bullying?

  • If a very jolly and extrovert child becomes withdrawn and reserved they might need some help.
  • If children are scared of a particular person or a group of students.
  • Students who are quite regular in school suddenly become reluctant to attend school, they might be facing some difficulty in school.
  • A surprising drop in a student’s performance. Dr. DK Bhosale suggests the performance of a child depends on their mental well being as well.
  • Signs of anxiety or depression in a child.
  • Students forming groups in even primary schools in Pune.
  • If belongings of the child are found missing or broken regularly but they fail to justify it. 

Bullying can be of various types. It can be physical, verbal, emotional or psychological. Bullying of any sort is harmful and it should be put an end to. International schools in Pune include children and parents in their workshop to spread awareness about the problem of bullying. Dr. DK Bhosale stresses on the involvement of children in these cases.

How to stop bullying at school?

Stop bullying at school
Stop bullying at school
  • Involvement of teacher facilitators is important in this regard. They can study the behavioral patterns of students. Students forming groups of any kind should be monitored properly. Top international school in Pune are all equipped with necessary security services to identify acts of bullying.
  • The intervention of counsellors in special cases is required to guide children who are showing signs of bullying. All reputed CBSE schools in Pune must have a counsellor mandatorily.
  • Understand the situation; get to know their background to reach the root of the issue. Sometimes a broken home or disturbing childhood may result in unwanted behavioral traits. Teachers give children a motherly touch.
  • Make students aware of the consequences of bullying but it should be logical and rational. Be careful as severe punishments may not produce satisfactory results.
  • Instead of charging the child publicly a one to one communication will be better saving them from embarrassment.
  • Be firm but kind so children can confide their problems in you. Encourage students to share their feelings with a friend.
Dr. Dashrath Bhosale

Children often indulge in a playful fight with friends and have their own way of showing affection to their peers. Their actions should be observed with care first then any judgment should be made. All top schools in Pune now have updated security services to keep children under vigilant watch. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains the minds of children should flourish in a safe and secure environment like SNBP International School Pune one of the top Pune international schools.

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