How to teach your child to follow through

The mission of SNBP International School in Pune is to build and develop positive traits among children. Our honorable chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes that the role of a teacher is not only to look after academics but they have the responsibility of character building. The responsibility lies with the parents as well.

Top schools in Pune aim to prepare children as citizens of tomorrow and for this the sense of discipline is necessary. Here are some tips to make children more organized and help them follow through so they become accustomed to the system.

Practice what you preach

The best way to teach your child is to exhibit model behavior. If we wish to make our children disciplined we have to do that by showing them the path. SNBP International School Pune aims to imbibe the values among student from an early age by setting examples.


An affectionate gesture is much more effective than spoken words. Facilitators at all of the best schools in Pune create a homely atmosphere for students where children learn better in the flexible ambiance. Dr. DK Bhosale explains how rapport building is important with students for the teachers to make tasks easier.

Age-appropriate instructions

The instructions should be comprehensible to the target audience and for this these should be age-appropriate. Pune International School mentors are highly trained individuals who serve the specific need of each student. Instruction should be clear and specific and it should be given one at a time.

Short and clear guidelines

When imparting any instruction make sure it is clear and crisp that is easy to understand and retain. All IB Board Schools in Pune has the provision for co-curricular activities that indirectly help students to be patient, disciplined and helps in better retention of information. Dr. DK Bhosale trusts that the play-way method is a great way to follow through.

Expect a change

Have faith on children it works like a miracle. SNBP International School Pune believes that giving children the appropriate time to process the instruction and motivating then actually works wonders. It provides the results that we look forward to. Acknowledge their positive traits and work on the negative ones without making it prominent.

Set some ground rules and consequences of breaking them

Teach children the difference between rules and routines. For a change instead of instructing try the method of agreements. With the newly gained responsibility for their actions, children are bound to become more conscious. In this way, they will have some amount of liberty that will make them thoughtful about any work given to them.

Under the able leadership of honorable chairman Sir Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, SNBP International School Pune is reaching new heights of success and setting a new standard in the educational field. They are dedicated to producing the best citizens of tomorrow through their unique teaching methods and flexible curriculum. But in all these the role of parents in molding the future of students cannot be denied. This International School in Pune walks together with parents to make their dream successful.

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