Importance of Competition and its value in education

The world is highly competitive now. So the need of being better than everyone else comes naturally, as an instinct. SNBP International School Pune under the leadership of the visionary Dr. Dashrath Bhosale aims to train the children to face all challenges. He wishes to make them perfect citizens of tomorrow.

Competition and its value in education

Facilitators of this famous Pune International School stresses the importance of competition as an effective mode of the learning process of children.

  • Healthy competition

The concept of survival of the fittest is also equally valid in the field of education. Honourable chairman sir Dr. DK Bhosale explains how a healthy competition among children helps them excel in studies. Over time it has been proven that under favourable situations competitions actually facilitate learning and helps students perform better.  A friendly rivalry brings out the best among students. Students push themselves to reach the level of their friends. SNBP International School Pune understands that this works as a self-motivation for children and they work better as no one knows their potential better than the students.

  • Enhancing students’ performance

Healthy competition is much needed as works as a performance enhancer. CBSE schools in Pune have the provision for co-curricular activities that are an important part of the holistic development of a child. Maintaining healthy competitiveness results in sportsman spirit and builds positive outlook and traits among children.

  • Knowledge

When children compete with others they go beyond the bookish know. The best International School in Pune makes students understand being good is not enough they have to put their best foot forward and keep up with the need of the hour. They constantly push their limits and try to excel in every work they are involved in.

  • Effective learning strategy

A healthy competition develops the zeal to learn. They are more inclined to research and find out new facts. The growing primary schools in Pune tries to satisfy the urge to learn of the inquisitive minds of the children. They become independent and responsible. SNBP International School in Pune is one of the best schools in Pune that is dedicated to moulding the character and future of the students through their unique and individualized techniques.

  • Competitive spirit

Along with studies, competitions also develop interpersonal skills among children. Top schools in Pune uses these methods for social and emotional development of students. It helps the face challenges in the future whether it is the workplace or one’s personal life. The social skills such as communication and maintaining a good relationship with the peer group are as effective in the growth of a child as academics. Dr. Dashrath Bhosale encourages his pupils to take risks in life with confidence.

Dr. DK Bhosale explains whether it is admission tests, evaluation competition is an integral part of life. SNBP International School Pune takes up the challenge and responsibility to prepare children for tomorrow. The parents also need to play an active role in the present so the children in this Pune International School learn from their initial mistakes and do not lose hope. The duty of the parents is to teach students resilience and also accept the achievement humbly.

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