Importance of Gender Equality in Education

Education knows no boundaries, it is neither limited by age nor by gender or social standards. The stigma related to the education of girl children has been an issue for a very long time. But with the passing time, the scenario has changed a lot. Girls are no longer restricted within the walls of domesticity. They have come forward and achieving heights of success as an equal to the men of the society.

A reputed Pune international school like SNBP international school Pune has come forward with their vision to make quality education accessible to all. The respected Chairman of this esteemed institution, Sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, explains equal opportunities for women are needed for sustainable development of the society. Discrimination towards women has only resulted in delayed economic and social growth.

SNBP International School Pune
SNBP International School Pune

But what is the way of putting an end to this? The top International school in Pune understands the major role schools play in this regard.

  • School’s involvement: a safe and secure environment in school ensures the increase of girl students. An inclusive school setting and mentality is required for better participation. All best CBSE school in Pune ensure that the school environment is discrimination free.
  • Awareness: one significant aspect which poses as a problem is a lack of awareness among students and parents about the facilities and exposure through education. Pune international schools organize campaigns to educate people about the importance of gender equality in education for shaping society for better and their own future as well. Through workshops, students are taught about gender sensitivity and need for a violence-free atmosphere in the school.

Through many initiatives taken up by SSC schools in Pune like incentives to girl children, providing training, opportunities for higher education, the goal of equality in education has been somewhat achieved. These have helped children be self-dependent opening up a new avenue for employment.

Dr. DK Bhosale
Dr. DK Bhosale

In today’s competitive market women no longer play a subservient role. In many cases, they are the primary bread earner of the family. Only through proper education and training, it is possible.

  • Self-worth: Education is only important for employment but also for understanding your own value. Dr. DK Bhosale believes only through proper education one can realize their true potential and it can increase their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Break stagnant norms: Education is the fundamental right of all people in a democratic society. It is essential to cross the narrow boundaries of traditional and predefined gender roles. To come out of the stagnant norms of society. Nullifying the stereotypes is the motto of education.
  • Make improved decisions in life: Dr. DK Bhosale trusts that education will empower women to make better life choices. They can become better role models to inspire the younger generation. It will enable them to maintain balance. Gender biases have taken a toll on the development of the country as a whole. Quality education can fill this void.

SNBP International School Pune, one of the best Pune international school, aims to produce global citizens of tomorrow under the leadership of Dr. Dashrath Bhosale. Among the top 5 schools in Pune, this institution envisions the holistic development of all children.

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