Look around and you can see many perturbed faces!!!

Being part of the education system I am familiar with all sorts of expressions which appear and wane in a jiff. It varies from an innocent smile of a kindergartener to a canny look of a senior most student. At present, I am thoughtful about the discontent that I can sense around me.

Exams are over, papers are shown….all have made promises (these promises are in affinity to the theory of survival of the fittest) …some are really happy to keep up their promises and some are disheartened as they can’t keep up their word.

My thoughts lingered around those children who failed to keep their words. Do we need to consider it as a fatal mistake?  To me… it is NOT. Education is not only about Marks and percentage but it is about identifying one’s potential and channelizing it appropriately. Children are gifted with many talents and pursuing one’s passion gives one delight. We need to educate our parent and students about this aesthetic pleasure.  My thought should not in any context belittle the value of education. Education enables us to dream, it paves a clear path to fulfil that dream. Moreover, the light procured through education will never be extinguished.

We have to mold our children in such a way that they should feel proud for establishing an incredible rapport with their teachers and parents. Always encourage them to chase their dream because we need to teach them to KEEP UP WITH WHAT THEY LOVE.

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