Parenting is a Beautiful Art

Parenting is a beautiful art which evolves with experience. Incidentally, it is our own
child who nurtures our skills at it. Every child is Precious and unique. So, the
journey of Parenting also varies for every child. There shall always be an exclusivity.
in the whole process. There is no junior or senior on this journey. All of us start from
the first page. However, despite the difference, the vagaries of nature, of the environment, one always experiences a great sense of gratification.
A child is crying, is trying to learn her numbers with a parent constantly scolding and
hitting: Disgusting, isn’t it? This video has gone viral showcasing a derogatory act of
parenting. In spite of all clarifications, the question still arises ‘Does the child REALLY
need to go through this?’ NO, she doesn’t.
Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion about but the hardest thing to do. We are
often lost with the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ in what we do to our children. We naturally adapt
to the ways our parents raised us. At times, we choose new ways that we would wish, we
had been showered with. However, this new generation brings in a range of new
concepts, thinking, competitions, new demands, and almost a whole new world. In
wanting to have children, disciplined and orchestrated well behaved, parents go extra
length in their do’s and don’ts, where invariably the don’ts outnumber the do’s.
We need to remember, our kids don’t always learn what we teach – but learn by
watching US all the time. We are their role models. What we tell them is what they tell
themselves. Leading by example is then mandatory.
Parents need to feel blessed to be bestowed the responsibility of upbringing of an
Love and celebrate your child’s presence in your life and express your heartfelt
gratitude to the Creator to have chosen you to partner with for the DIVINE

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