Questions You Should Ask Before Finalizing An Elementary School


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Choosing the best school in Pune or elsewhere can at times be a nerve-wracking job for parents. The importance of choosing the right school is known by all; hence, parents shouldn’t hesitate in asking as many questions as they want till they feel satisfied. If you’re struggling to choose the apt elementary school for your kid, then make sure you ask the following questions.

What is the proximity of the school?

Not all the top 10 CBSE schools in Pune will be located near to your desired location. Some parents don’t want to send their children in distantly located schools for various reasons. So after short listing few schools, ask yourself whether you will be comfortable sending your children to that distantly located school or not. If both you and the children are ok with the distance, then you can consider it. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale knows that many parents are considerate of the school proximity, so he has organized a seamless school bus network for all his students. You can consider SNBP as they provide pickup and drop to different city locations.

How many teachers are working in the school?

There is no point in putting your children in schools that lack adequate teaching staff. You can ask the respective schools, how many teachers are available for a particular number of students. The low student-teacher ratio is not good for any school as it doesn’t allow the teachers to give equal attention to all students. Most of the international school in Pune maintains a good student-teacher ratio, and the positive impact of the same is displayed through the overall results. Dr. DK Bhosale is the founder of a well-known school in Pune, and his educational institute is known for maintaining the best student-teacher ratio so far.

How is the overall school environment?

While most parents give importance to only academics & extracurricular activities, they overlook the school environment. Be it the primary schools in Pune or the elementary schools; their environment influences the child’s behavior and attitude to a great extent. Ask the school authorities what disciplinary rules are followed in school and what security measures are taken by the higher authority for students’ safety. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale is both a school founder and an educationalist. He too has been promoting a healthy environment for schools throughout the city for the betterment of students.

                                         Dr. DK BHOSALE, SNBP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, PUNE

Is there any extra fee that needs to be given?

Be it the SSC schools in Pune or others; they charge a lot of fees from parents, apart from the admission fees. You should ask the concerned person upfront of the total charges that you will have to pay for an academic year. Transparency is of utmost importance in fee structure, so make sure to give importance to this question. Dr. DK Bhosale has laid an example for other schools by keeping his fee structure transparent for all the parents. This is something that every school should follow.

SNBP Student With President Of India, A Proud Moment
                                             SNBP Student With President Of India, A Proud Moment

Parents can have endless questions to ask, as a school is the base of a successful career. The questions shared above are sure to make things easier for parents. However, they should add more questions to the list, as and when required.

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