Be Ready Your Child For Exam and Assessment

SNBP International School Pune

Preparing your child for the best is the main motive of the best primary schools in pune like SNBP International School, Pune. They ensure your ward is ready to face all challenges in life. Under the leadership of Honourable Chairman Sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, SNBP International Pune looks forward to providing their students with the best experience possible in every field of learning.

Chairman Sir Dr. DK Bhosale believes in the holistic development of the children. When it comes to evaluation some children are very confident and prepared, but for some others, examinations are stressful and scary. As an International School in Pune, they promise to give your child all the necessary guidance and help. They stretch a helping hand to all parents and also expect their reciprocation

As a parent, you have a vital role to play. Especially during the exams if you want your child to stand out a student of one of the Best CBSE Schools in Pune. Here are some useful tips to prepare your child for exams:

Create and follow a routine:

You must start planning ahead; try to make a schedule for your child. Give them enough time in hand for preparation. Do not rush your child with the courses. There should be a proper time for rest in between studies for relaxation.

Maintain a strategy for learning:

The top SSC Schools in Pune, discourage rote learning. Use effective techniques like reading pointwise.

Time management:

While writing papers it is important to keep a track of time. Children often tend to write excessive at the beginning and struggle to finish the paper afterwards. Practice solving previous year papers and keep a watch to track time.

Quality of answers:

Make your child understand the importance of quality over quantity. Writing specific and to the point, answers will fetch better marks than writing lengthy answers.

One subject at a time:

Take tasks in hand one at a time. Specifically, in the higher classes, the workload is heavy. It is advisable to learn one subject to avoid getting confused.

A healthy competition:

Competition among friends is not uncommon but it should be reasonable. A good competitor will give a boost to their will to perform better.


Revising the lessons is crucial to keep them in memory before the exams. Dr. DK Bhosale explains the importance of practising, again and again, to achieve perfection. Thorough reading, memorising, writing and revising are essential for better performance.

Dr. DK Bhosale, Chairman & Director of SNBP International School, Pune

Your child is your best asset and the best schools will always ensure that your precious little one is nurtured in the proper way. The respected Chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale aims that your ward realises their full potential and excel in life. So they start from the very root right from the primary section; this is why SNBP International School Pune is also one of the best Primary Schools in Pune. As a school that tops the list of best CBSE Schools in Pune, their vision is to create responsible citizens of the future. They look forward to walking together with the parents for creating a better world.

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