Renewable Resource Facts for Students

Renewable Energy Resource

Nature is an integral part of our growth. Our honourable chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains that Science is one of those subjects that makes us aware of the usefulness and wonders of nature. Schools like SNBP International School Pune try to develop a positive outlook among children that helps them appreciate the importance of nature and makes them grateful for the resources they receive from Mother Nature.

How important is Nature?

This is perhaps one answer we all have. From the ancient age when people were completely depended on Nature for food, shelter and clothes till the modern time all the facilities we enjoy are gifted by nature. Dr. DK Bhosale states it is one debt we owe to Nature that cannot be repaid. The whole sustainability of mankind depends on Natural resources. SNBP Pune International school aims to build their children in such a way that they become responsible citizens of tomorrow and take up the pledge to use these renewable resources Nature offers in the perfect way.

What are renewable Natural Resources?

Natural resources that can be used time and again and that are replaced naturally are known as renewable Natural resources. The portion of the natural energy that is consumed is replaced through natural reproduction of other means within a given period of time. Freshwater, solar heating, wind power are some of the natural resources.

Some amazing facts about renewable natural resources:

  • Renewable sources are part of the natural environment thus they are less likely to run out of supply. However human activity affects the supply of these resources. Water pollution is a major drawback. Water is considered as a renewable source but almost 3/4th of water in Earth is not suited to be used as drinking water. The water consumed is groundwater the production of which is much slower. Keeping the present scenario in mind the top CBSE schools in Pune arrange for various public awareness campaigns to highlight these issues.
  • The natural energy is renewable but the process of replenishment is much slower than the consumption thus Dr. DK Bhosale advises students at SNBP International School Pune to treat is as an asset. The supply of natural resources like oxygen is a great concern now due to rapid deforestation and urbanisation. SSC schools in Pune undertake various strategies to emphasize the need to conserving nature and urges their students to do the same.
  • Production of electricity requires the usage of renewable resources mainly.
  • Hundreds of years’ age timber were the most used energy resource. But with the increased supply of other resources like coal, petrol and natural gas, the usage of wood decreased.
  • Oil and natural gas are sometimes considered to be non-renewable as these cannot be quickly replaced. Primary schools in Pune tries to build up this awareness from a very young age.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the visionary Chairman of this top Pune International school believes that education is not only learning and memorising facts. Education helps to build a great conscience among students, makes them empathetic and humane. SNBP International School Pune that is counted as the Best school in Pune moves forward with this goal.

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