Significance and Advantages of Holiday Homework

A great debate has been going around for some time amongst parents about whether assigning homework over the holidays is logical. With school life opening a trove of new challenges and activities for the modern-day learners, the situation has become a bit tense. It is now observed that learners of today are burdened with tremendous academic pressure and truckload of expectations of parents.

 SNBP International School, Pune
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While some parents are of the opinions that vacation time calls for relaxation in some exotic destinations, experts believe that utilizing this time can prove to be beneficial in a variety of ways.

The schools featured on the list of best CBSE schools in Pune are of the idea that vacation time should also be utilized to develop new talents and ideas, all by doing homework given by the SNBP International School, Pune under the chairmanship of Dr. Dasharath Bhosale.

So why should parents take the initiative of making their children complete their homework over a holiday break?

To fight academic regression

Studies show that academic regression likely increases after a prolonged study break. The scores of tests taken after vacations are proof of that. The levels of regression experienced by the students during their study breaks depend upon their socioeconomic groups and whether or not they have any learning difficulties.

To combat the intensification of regression, the International school in Pune with Dr. Dasharath Bhosale as the chairperson assigns tidbits of homework to students of all the standards for their vacation.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale - Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune
Major GD Bakshi on a Visit to SNBP International School Pune Attended by Dasharath Bhosale & Team

Reading for homework makes it pleasurable

Some parents believe that assigning homework to their toddlers can hamper their family time but the truth is far from that. Reading can be an excellent way to make homework fun and exciting and also academically enriching.

Reading skills is crucial and will thoroughly benefit the learners throughout their life in their desirable professions.

Even the act of reading is also accompanied with a ton of health benefits including, reducing the symptoms of stress and depression.

But SNBP International School, the top school in Pune, also allocates reading assignments during the holidays so that the learners can know a world beyond the world they have been living and can feel empathetic towards others. This practice, under the farsighted guidance of Dr. DK Bhosale, is highly recommended as this helps the learners strengthen their comprehension skills and build vocabulary, thereby keeping them connected to elements of education during their study breaks.

Homework can be a family affair

Holiday homework does not only involve sitting in the study room wrapped in a bunch of sheets. Instead of letting the kids suffer alone by doing everything by them, parents should take the initiative of joining them in their homework. The best CBSE school in Pune designs project in which all the family members can participate thereby turning into a cozy but fun family affair.

If you are looking for the list of best CBSE schools in Pune that encourage interactive projects for their pupils and make learning an enriching experience, then choose SNBP International School, Pune which is pioneered by Dr. DK Bhosale.

You can breathe a sigh of relief with that sense of security, that your precious little kid is finally admitted to one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Pune.

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