Significance And Importance Of Teachers’ Day In India

The concept of celebrating the Teachers’ Day dates back to the 19th century. 5th September is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in most of the countries, while many other countries celebrate World Teachers’ Day on 5th October as declared by UNESCO.

SNBP International School Pune celebrates Teachers’ Day with great care and grandeur to honour the facilitators who are an integral part of the children’s growth. As per the invaluable guidance of honourable Chairperson Sir Dr. DK Bhosale, children of all ages take part in the cultural programme of this Pune International school, to make the day memorable for both students and teachers alike.

What is the significance of Teachers’ Day?

Our respected chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale explains that the concept Teachers’ Day in India is derived from the Vedic ages. The practice of the Gurukul system in ancient India was built up surrounding a beautiful bond between the Guru and the Shisya.

The students used to live in Guru’s (teacher) home to attain knowledge. After the process was complete the students paid some tribute to the Guru to honour his selfless service. Keeping up with the tradition SNBP School in Pune celebrates Teachers’ Day as a medium to connect students to our beautiful Indian culture and to honour this beautiful bond. On the day of Guru Purnima, students seek the blessings of their teachers.

Importance of this day in India

The second President of independent India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on 5th September 1888. The great philosopher, statesman, scholar and author also served as a professor of philosophy for many years of his life at Mysore and Calcutta. The huge positive impact that this great humanitarian being left on the minds of his students is beyond comprehension and to mark his birth anniversary Indians and top schools in Pune celebrate Teachers’ Day.

Smt. Jayshree Venkatraman – Principal at SNBP International School

Why do we celebrate Teacher’s day?

  • Dr. DK Bhosale beautifully sums up that teachers are not only the facilitators they are the character builders of children. They are the friend, philosopher and guide. They hold the most important position in a child’s life, after the parents, because students spend most of their time in school under their care. The best international schools in Pune dedicates one day for all the teachers for their untiring service towards the betterment of student’s life.
  • Reputed CBSE schools in Pune observe the day to make children familiar with the distinct personalities and with their contribution. Such ventures also help to imbibe certain values among children including gratefulness and the capacity to honour and appreciate efforts made by others.

SNBP International School Pune, under the able leadership of the highly respected Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, aims to remember and pay homage to the veterans and their unforgettable contribution in the development of the nation. The children who are the flag bearers of our culture are taught to carry forward this legacy in this esteemed Pune International School.

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