Significance of Environmental Education in School

The exploration of environmental issues, problems, and facts through simple language are known as environmental education in India. This develops awareness, knowledge, and understanding of environmental concerns.

Now, while it does not provide any particular course of action to the students, it does create a viewpoint on the topic. It has to be noted that environmental education in an International school in Pune and environmental information are two different things. The schools impart environmental education.

Nowadays we can see how much harm the environment is bearing today from human influence and is a major concern for nearly every nation across the world.

So it is very important to start schooling the next generation about this important subject. And nurtured under the care of Chairperson Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, the SNBP International School Pune has been successful in carrying out this effort to amend the environment.

How can schools promote environmental concerns in the mind of young pupils?

IB board schools in Pune has implemented this subject in all types of syllabuses. These schools are quite disciplinary in their approach. In a holistic environment, they are trying to examine the major environmental issues critically from the local, regional, national and international point of view.

During early childhood, manipulative skills are developed a bit at home. A child receives guidance in learning personal hygiene, problems of food and water contamination and cleanliness. However, at this early stage itself, a child needs formal environmental education. The best international schools in Pune have introduced subjects like hygiene, the study of nature, population education and values. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale has been keenly instrumental in integrating the right awareness about the environment in his institution as well.

Role of a school in providing environmental education

A teacher is assigned to integrate environmental education into a number of formal and non-formal education programmes. The teacher is well aware of the responsibility to create awareness for environmental pollution and remedies to check them. Socialized activities like debate, discussions, and dramas are organized to enlighten the students and distribute the various environmental aspects amongst their minds. Forest trips are also being organized by top CBSE school in Pune to develop a taste of natural beauty and acquire the knowledge about flora and fauna. Dr. DK Bhosale and his team have made sure that the same role is played by the teachers and the school atmosphere in SNBP International School Pune.

Different types of co-curricular activities are also organized to explain to students how environmental pollution can be dealt with. This can work for them to promote a better living environment in the future.

The necessity of environmental education in schools

Due to increased degradation of various aspects of the environment, it is of utmost importance that environmental education should be made a part of the education system. Environmental education targets simple changes in the environment that can make a huge difference in the long run. The best schools in Pune have critically held this topic from a different point of view. This includes practical sessions that can be implemented directly.

Dr. DK Bhosale has made a huge difference by establishing one of the best International school in Pune, which takes every effort to integrate the environmental aspects along with children’s education.

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