Choosing the Right School in Wagholi, Pune


Without a doubt, choosing a good school for your child is one of the vital decisions you will have to take as parents that have a long-term impact on your child’s future. There are no hardbound rules that you can follow to pick a name. The process is time-consuming, often exhausting, as there is hardly any room for any error. Your decision must hit the bullseye the first time itself.

But, to your relief, the leading institute among the best CBSE schools in Wagholi 2019 tends to have a few characteristics, which work to elevate its education level. Amidst a top-notch infrastructure and a great board-exam performance, you must also look for the following traits, whose presence definitely makes a school the best.

1. Curriculum structure

As a parent, you will have a certain educational expectation for your child. In other words, you will probably have a curriculum design in your mind that you like your child to study in. Thus, the first parameter you should look into is whether your selected school is surpassing your expectations. A great school will successfully blend all modern methods of learning without ignoring the positives of conventional ways and give importance to visual and application-based education. Go for a school that can clearly state the curriculum they regularly follow. Pitch it against your views and select based on their proficiency.

2. Ease of communication

Does the school maintain a clear line of communication between their teachers and their parents? What are the ways can you get in touch with the school should you feel the need to? During the preschool stage, your child will leave the comfort of his/her home and stay in a totally new environment surrounded by strangers. Regular communication among parents and teachers is crucial during this time to make the child comfortable in school. And when your child advances through the grades, your involvement is necessary then as well as students learn better when their parents pitch in. Ease of communication is thus important for your child’s academic development.

3. Focus on extra-curricular activities


The top 10 CBSE School in Wagholi will naturally have an array of extra-curricular activities lined up for its students, which goes without saying. But you should judge a school is not by the number of options it has but by how much weight is the institute placing on these activities. Regular involvement in extra-curricular activities is known to impart interpersonal skills among children, lead to better motor and cognitive development, and enhance the comprehension level of their education. So, a good school will lay deep focus on the activities that students find interest in and allow them substantial time within the school hours to participate in them. The schools will provide students with the balance needed and not overwork them.

4. Faculty experience and training

Every aspect of a great school comes together to make it the best is when the parameters are stitched together efficiently by the teachers. They are the ones who impart education, make sure that students receive proper guidance and direct the learning minds towards the right avenues of development. An ideal faculty team will have a mix of experienced teachers and new candidates. The principal leading this team must be a veteran educator herself. And the school must have considerable resources to train its faculty regularly and help them to update their teaching methods as per the modern requirements. Look for these in your selected school, as faculty always matters.

5.      Existing parents’ feedback

Probably the most effective way to judge a school’s performance is to contact the institute’s current parents and request feedback from them. In fact, the best schools in Wagholi/Pune will make this step easier for you by having testimonials up on their website and facilitating a campus visit for you on a normal school day. You can easily clear out your queries from existing parents as they are equipped to give you the inside story about the school based on their experience. A few opinions will be enough to enable you to draw the conclusion you need and finally settle on the perfect school for your child.

The S.N.B.P. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL WAGHOLI has been the top choice among parents for quite some time now. The school not only aces all the above parameters but the school management, principal and faculty team bring their extensive educational experience to the school to provide depth in its environment. At S.N.B.P, your child is destined to thrive and have such a level of preparation that will make him/her ideally fit to be the “Global Citizens”.

Admissions open from Playgroup to Class VIII for Session 2020-21 at S.N.B.P. International School, Wagholi, Pune

S.N.B.P. International School, Wagholi

The best CBSE schools in Wagholi offers a wide gamut of subjects and activities for students to choose from. Pune, the city of Maharashtra has emerged as a knowledge hub with the establishment of renowned educational institutions at all levels in the last few years.

CBSE System of Education

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was given its present name in the year 1952, followed by expanding its jurisdiction and reconstituting the Board in the year 1962. The CBSE is the main apex board which not only has a pan Indian jurisdiction but also a global presence with nearly 20,299 schools in India and 220 schools in 28 foreign countries. CBSE affiliates all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, private schools and most of the schools approved by Central Government of India. It follows the NCERT curriculum.

CBSE Education in Maharashtra

The education systems across the best CBSE affiliated schools promise equality of opportunity, access, and success to every child. The languages Marathi, English, and Hindi are used as mediums of instruction in the educational society of Pune. While many parents choose to send their children to public schools, especially in their younger years, ex-pat families often choose to send their children to the best international schools instead.

The CBSE affiliated schools’ syllabus is the same all over the country and comparatively puts less pressure on the child than other boards, especially because there are fewer subjects to cover and have a more compact educational structure. Subjects like Physics, Biology, Maths, and Chemistry are covered under the umbrella of Science, while Geography, History, and Civics come under the field of Social Sciences. The syllabus is application-oriented as they follow a concentric curriculum based on the subjects and extra curriculum they are involved in.

The biggest advantage of CBSE schools is that the all-important competitive examinations held in India, are primarily based on the syllabus. So, any student who wants to take up Engineering/Medical/ Civil Services as a career can go for CBSE board. As the general syllabus is common across all affiliated CBSE schools, parents, therefore, welcome these schools in glee. They do not have to worry if they get posted in a different city during their child’s schooling days.

CBSE Admissions | Documents Required

Hence you know that every official procedure requires some verification documents. Moreover, the list of required documents for CBSE Admissions is given here for your reference.

1. Transfer Certificates or School Leaving Certificates (If shifting)

2. Character Certificate of the student

3. Results of the equivalent qualification

Pre Process thoughts

The search for the best CBSE affiliated schools starts by thinking about your child’s welfare. What you want a school to do for your child. Perhaps your child has special language or education needs. In the end, it’s you who knows your son or daughter better than anyone else.

While looking for the desired schools, you need to make phone calls, collect written material from different schools and look for reports in your local paper to get the information you need. Contact the schools you are interested in and make an appointment for a visit. If possible, tour the schools during regular school hours and visit a few classes.

The best CBSE Schools have very well understood the importance of experiential or real-life learning. They have accordingly devised innovative strategies to help children imbibe learning in a better way.  BUT IN THE END, it is not always the biological age but the mental status of the child that decides everything. So, don’t rush!

Best CBSE schools in Wagholi

Process & Guidelines

Admissions open for the academic year 2020-2021 from Playgroup to Class VIII

1. As a parent, it’s highly important for you to first visit the school campus, where your child will be spending 6.5 hours of the day.

2. Our admissions executive will be glad to tell you everything about our school, the facilities provided, and moreover she will be happy to answer all queries that you may have as a parent. We suggest to bring your child along when you come for admission, because your child should like the school, he should love coming to school every day.

3. Once you are thoroughly satisfied you can collect the admission form and prospectus, from the school’s office.

4. Duly filled Admission form along with the required documents and school fees needs to be submitted in the school’s office to confirm your child’s seat.

Academic year 2020-2021

Age criteria:

Maharashtra Govt age notice: Entry Age (as on 30th September 2020)

1. Play Group: Two Years

2. Nursery: Three Years

3. KG I: Four years

4. KG II: Five years

5. Grade-I: Six years

6. Gr II to Gr VIII: Gr I to Gr VII cleared from a recognized school.

Kindly mail at for any admission related queries.

Role Of Teachers In The Lives Of Students – SNBP International School, Pune

From a very young age, students associate closely with teachers, who help guide the students into becoming fruitful and productive human beings with a unique personality of their own.

SNBP International School Pune

Institutions like SNBP International School Pune, which is also regarded as one of the best Pune international school, usually have an excellent teaching faculty – a group of people who are dedicated to creating a better future for the country by means of educating its children. The esteemed Founder and Chairman of the school, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale makes it a point to handpick the faculty to provide nothing but the best to the children.

This is because Dr. DK Bhosale strongly believes that there are a number of ways in which a teacher can affect the growth of children. So the teachers in primary schools in Pune do their best to create a healthy learning atmosphere for children.

Here are some of the reasons why teachers are so important to us:

  • Teachers are the most influential people in a student’s life. After their parents, children interact with teachers the most. Teachers, therefore, play a significant role in shaping the individual personalities of all their students.
  • Teachers in cbse schools in Pune like SNBP International closely follow the curriculum developed by the national boards to ensure that the students are thoroughly prepared to face any academic hurdle that they come across.
  • Not only an academic education, but teachers are also responsible for teaching a number of life lessons to students. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes in developing a complete approach to education that will make not only make students academically sound, but morally gracious as well.
  • Teachers have experienced the same difficulties as the students, so they understand the child’s perspective and problems. As SNBP International ranks high in the list of best CBSE schools in Pune, the teachers here pay close attention to the students and enable them to overcome their hurdles with ease.
  • Teachers can also encourage a child to develop healthy social habits from a very young age. Playing games with children and interacting with them in a friendly way helps children to overcome their fear of leaving home for the first time and helps them to adapt to their surroundings better.
  • Not only children, but teachers can also help young adults cross this threshold in life. Adolescence can be a difficult period for many, and it is the teacher who listens to the problems of the students and gives them active help and guidance to make the transition period easier for them.
Major GD Bakshi on a Visit to SNBP International School Pune Attended by Dasharath Bhosale

At SNBP International School Pune, one of the most prestigious Pune international schools, students will learn to become individuals with strong personalities, who will be able to contribute to the global dynamics of the world. Led by the visionary Dr. DK Bhosale, this IB board school in Pune has developed its curriculum in accordance with the international standards and aims at providing students with only the best of the best.

In all its years of operation, SNBP has satisfied students as well as their parents and looks forward to educating the upcoming generations of India’s bright young minds.