Why Do We Educate Child About Good Touch and Bad Touch

Good Touch and Bad Touch

It is extremely unfortunate that in recent years, a significant number of children have faced harassment from an adult in their life. 

Reports of young children being abused have worried many parents – and rightfully so. As a parent or a teacher, our primary concern should be the child’s safety. 

As Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, visionary Chairman of SNBP International School Pune suggests, children should not only be protected but also be made aware of the ‘good’ touch and the ‘bad’ touch. 

How can this be done?

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale of this famous Pune international school offers an idea about how children can be educated to differentiate between the types of touches.

  • First and foremost, parents and top CBSE schools in Pune should relate to the children the names of their different body parts. This knowledge will help children identify the parts of their body that are private – and therefore should not be touched by anyone.
  • A popular method adopted by the top 10 CBSE schools in Pune involves letting the child know that it is okay to not let someone touch them. This process should begin at home. Parents should respect the child’s decision to not be touched at certain times, and even tell the child that they have every right to refuse physical affection from friends, family and relatives if they do not want it.

Dr. DK Bhosale, the director of SNBP International, one of best schools in Pune, finds it absolutely necessary to communicate these essential details to the child at an appropriate age to protect them from harm’s way.

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune

The last and most significant point that parents and teachers should communicate to the child is the need to protest. Once the child understands that they are being touched inappropriately, they should not hesitate to shout for help or call for someone immediately. Often, teachers from international schools in Pune find that the child is confused or scared about letting anyone know about their ordeal. This can be due to the face that the perpetrator has scared them into silence, or has the child has not understood the gravity of the situation. Encourage the child to speak up as soon as something uncomfortable occurs- this will help end their ordeal once and for all.

SNBP International School – putting the safety of children first

At SNBP International School Pune, Chairman Sir Dr. DK Bhosale makes it sure that students feel safe and secure at all times. Also, the teachers encourage the students to create a friendly rapport with them, so that the child has someone that he or she can open up to without hesitation when faced with a problematic situation. At this Pune international school, the child is taught to start prepping for their own safety and to distinguish between people who care about them and those who want to harm them.