How to teach your child to follow through

The mission of SNBP International School in Pune is to build and develop positive traits among children. Our honorable chairman sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes that the role of a teacher is not only to look after academics but they have the responsibility of character building. The responsibility lies with the parents as well.

Top schools in Pune aim to prepare children as citizens of tomorrow and for this the sense of discipline is necessary. Here are some tips to make children more organized and help them follow through so they become accustomed to the system.

Practice what you preach

The best way to teach your child is to exhibit model behavior. If we wish to make our children disciplined we have to do that by showing them the path. SNBP International School Pune aims to imbibe the values among student from an early age by setting examples.


An affectionate gesture is much more effective than spoken words. Facilitators at all of the best schools in Pune create a homely atmosphere for students where children learn better in the flexible ambiance. Dr. DK Bhosale explains how rapport building is important with students for the teachers to make tasks easier.

Age-appropriate instructions

The instructions should be comprehensible to the target audience and for this these should be age-appropriate. Pune International School mentors are highly trained individuals who serve the specific need of each student. Instruction should be clear and specific and it should be given one at a time.

Short and clear guidelines

When imparting any instruction make sure it is clear and crisp that is easy to understand and retain. All IB Board Schools in Pune has the provision for co-curricular activities that indirectly help students to be patient, disciplined and helps in better retention of information. Dr. DK Bhosale trusts that the play-way method is a great way to follow through.

Expect a change

Have faith on children it works like a miracle. SNBP International School Pune believes that giving children the appropriate time to process the instruction and motivating then actually works wonders. It provides the results that we look forward to. Acknowledge their positive traits and work on the negative ones without making it prominent.

Set some ground rules and consequences of breaking them

Teach children the difference between rules and routines. For a change instead of instructing try the method of agreements. With the newly gained responsibility for their actions, children are bound to become more conscious. In this way, they will have some amount of liberty that will make them thoughtful about any work given to them.

Under the able leadership of honorable chairman Sir Dr. Dashrath Bhosale, SNBP International School Pune is reaching new heights of success and setting a new standard in the educational field. They are dedicated to producing the best citizens of tomorrow through their unique teaching methods and flexible curriculum. But in all these the role of parents in molding the future of students cannot be denied. This International School in Pune walks together with parents to make their dream successful.

How To Learn Maths With Pleasure And Excitement

The very mention of the subject “Maths” is enough to make adults go all scared and worried, let alone children, for whom it is very natural to feel this apathy. But the ones who understand the tricks involved, are actually fond of the subject. 

It is a general observation that the fear of this subject arises from the fact that students find the numbers dull and uninteresting. But with their innovative teaching methods, SNBP International School Pune makes learning mathematics, easier and fun for children. Honorable Chairman Sir Dr. Dasharath Bhosale believes that if children can be actively involved in the process of learning maths, half the work is done there. 

Some really fun and interesting methods adopted by the faculty at this International School in Pune are:


The visionary Dr. DK Bhosale explains that children learn better when they see it in front of their eyes. This Top CBSE School in Pune uses such techniques for introducing the concept of numbers to children at the very beginning.

Learning style

Dr. Dashrath Bhosale stresses the importance of the parents’ involvement in their ward’s academic growth. Identify the learning style of the child whether it is spatial, audio-visual, kinaesthetic. Once the identification is done, the best international schools in Pune make sure the individual needs of children are served so learning maths becomes an enjoyable experience for students.

Play way method

Facilitators of the best school in Pune try to come up with innovative ideas to ease the fear surrounding the subject. One such is using dice to learn maths. Whether it is an introduction to multiplications or fractions, a dice brings variety to the otherwise monotonous digits. Puzzles like Sudoku are also great ways to practice maths.


Every International School in Pune has the provision for co-curricular activities as they are not merely a source for recreation and relaxation but also deeply related to studies. SNBP International School Pune proves that games have a positive effect on the mind. They can help the retention of information which is one of the most important factors while solving problems.

Positive reinforcement

IB Board Schools in Pune put equal emphasis on the mental health of students as well as their academic development. Similarly, SNBP International School Punedevelops a love for studies among children through positive reinforcement. The same can be done for maths. Motivate children to try one more time without being disheartened. Encourage them to try out new methods and techniques and keep trying until they succeed.

Make use of technology

All reputed schools now are equipped with advanced technology to facilitate learning. SNBP International School Pune makes sure teachers make the best use of the available facilities to turn a normal class exciting through activities and active participation of students. Ask questions and students’ interpretations. Instead of depending on the theories focus of the application.

Dr. DK Bhosale - Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune
Chairman Dr. DK Bhosale of SNBP International School Pune

Sound knowledge about the subject makes learning easier. Chairman Dr. DK Bhosale of SNBP International School Pune envisions a great future for the children by making them equally potent in all aspects of life whether it is academics or co-curricular activities. Connecting real-life experience with the process of learning maths is very helpful, for which teachers of this top International school in Pune aim to implement these techniques to make students more familiar with maths.

11 Inspirational Motivational Quotes to Help Student Study

With so many forms of distraction, the biggest of them being social media, it is important to boost the attentiveness of your child and keep them motivated.

SNBP Pune international school

To ensure that the time they spend online is fruitful, you can guide your kids with positive quotes that inspire and instill positivity, taking inspiration from SNBP International School Pune. The initiative as taken up SNBP Pune international school, with Dr. Dashrath Bhosale as the chief mentor, is to drive motivation, with quotes that help your kids to study hard.

1. Do not say later ever

According to Edward Young, procrastination is nothing but a time stealer. The more you will delay to start new things or resume old things, the more you are wasting your valuable time.

2. Excuse all the excuses

According to a quote made by George Washington Carver, 99% of failures come from individuals who make excuses’. Always remember, a person who wants to be responsible for his/her success does not make excuses for himself/herself.

3. Stay positive under all circumstances

Even if you haven’t performed well in your previous exams, it is time to stay positive and look for new beginnings. Instead of crying over the results, be positive and start studying right away.

4. Hard work should be a constant

Always remember, no one is going to gift you good scores, you will have to achieve it with your hard work. Even if you have scored pretty good marks in your past exams, you should continue your hard work.

5. Set your priorities correctly

One of the best IB board schools in Pune, under the chairmanship of Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, teaches students to choose their priorities correctly as chasing two or more things at the same time wouldn’t win you anything.

6. Focusing power is everything

Even if you are highly intelligent, not focusing enough will ruin everything. You do not have to be the star of your class but focus on what you take up completely as suggested by the best school in Pune, the SNBP International School Pune with Dr. DK Bhosale as its chairman.

7. Do not ever settle for less

You are made for everything best and this is the only line which you should remember whenever your mind tries to trick you by allowing you to be content for average marks.

8. Stretch your limits

At times you might not have the energy or the patience to study but during those difficult times you need to say it aloud ‘I can and I will’.

9. Value time

The best primary schools in Pune teach students ways to acknowledge the importance of time for a tender age so that they don’t have any regrets later.

10. Believe in yourself

Believe in your talents and what you can do instead of crying about your inabilities.

11. Stay happy

With a big smile spread across your face, continue the good work and no one can stop you from flying high!

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale,Chairman SNBP International School

With the motivation to infuse these motivational and spiritual thoughts into the tender minds, SNBP Pune international school headed by Dr. DK Bhosale has designed an exceptional curriculum and is no wonder the best cbse school in pune.

All You Need to Know Why CBSE Makes Art Compulsory For Classes 1 to 12

Recently, the CBSE made headlines when it declared art to be a compulsory subject of the curriculum for students of classes 1-12. The move has been taken and the board members even went further saying that a minimum of two periods per week must be devoted to the subject of art education. SNBP International School Pune, the best CBSE School in Pune has been also taking measures to include all major forms of art, stated by its chairman Dr. Dasharath Bhosale.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has finalized the decision, so to ensure art integrated learning among students and owe the children effective learning outcomes.

Art Compulsory For Classes 1 to 12

Which forms of art are included in the curriculum and how will the idea work?

As per the directives of the latest sensational news, four main streams of art like music, dance, theater, and visual arts need to be covered by all the schools present under the CBSE board, like the International school in Pune.

Even the teaching methods are going to undergo evolution by focusing mostly on the learning experience of the students.

All the art subjects would even come with homework, theory, practical and project work; just like any other subject present in the curriculum.

Most CBSE schools in Pune thereby are adopting ways to remodel their curriculum so as to fit in the art subjects, as per the law.

But as for SNBP International School, the best CBSE school in Pune, it is happy news as art subjects were always a part of their syllabus because the veteran chairman Dr. Dasharath Bhosale always believed in its benefits.

Why was this step necessary?

The curriculum of the board was found to be redundant and mundane at certain places which seemed to impact the student’s minds making them accustomed to only learning of the science subjects. But they need to come in contact with the informative world of art as well. Most children have a trove of creativity but it does not get the chance to show its face to the world owing to non-creative syllabuses made by schools.

That is why the board decided to go with this decision so that the students besides keeping up with their studies can pursue their fields of interest like painting and even dancing.

SNBP International, guided by Dr. DK Bhosale and the other top schools in Pune, conduct various art classes so that students can follow their interests and even develop a career based on their passion.

What is so unique about this step?

With the initiative to take education towards learning and beyond, the board has decided that there would be no formal exams for the art subjects.

Even the CBSE and the IB board schools in Pune will follow an innovative pedagogy which involves teaching popular scientific topics, like the planets and the universe through elements of art.

Students of the classes 6-8 will also have to study culinary arts apart from the 4 subjects mentioned above.

Although the best CBSE school in Pune, SNBP International School Pune under the expert leadership of its chairman of Dr. DK Bhosale has implemented this joyful method of education a while ago, other schools would soon be following it.