Why And How To Prepare Your Child For A Field Trip

Students love the idea of missing out on their regular school days just to go for a day out with their friends! While your child is excited and counting days you need to prepare your child for the upcoming adventure they are willing to get into.


Field trips help children in more ways than one, that you can probably imagine. You can guide them with some valuable tips that even the top CBSE school in Pune, the SNBP International School Pune follows, under the mentorship of veteran Chairman Dr. Dashrath Bhosale.

Why should you prepare your child before a field trip?

A field trip can be either a rough sailing or a smooth sailing in the seas, and to ensure the latter you need to guide your kid. Student excursions play a pivotal role in your kid’s emotional and intellectual development. If the best CBSE school in Pune includes field trips as a part of its curriculum, then feel lucky because not all schools consider the importance of outdoor trips.

Dr. DK Bhosale observes that some kids might feel anxious the night before regarding the outdoor trips if they are not familiar with it. Then it will be your job to make them understand about the entire thing and ease their stress.

How should you prepare your child for an outdoor trip?

Follow these easy tips to ensure your child has a good day at their first field trip:

  • Be fully prepared the night before

Pack everything necessary in your child’s back the night before and even if any last minute packing is left, make sure to make a note of it. Inform your child about the places you have packed in the essentialities (money, medicine). Iron their uniform to avoid last minute hassles which will lead to your child getting late for their trip, organized by the best SSC schools in Pune.

  • Choose the clothes carefully

If the top CBSE school in Pune, headed by Dr. Dashrath Bhosale does not put any restrictions on clothes, then choose clothes to keep into consideration the weather. Choose dark-colored woolen clothes in the winter and if the trip is being organized during the summer, pick soft and airy outfits. Pack essential items but don’t stuff your kid’s bags with unnecessary stuff.

  • Sit and talk to your child

Some kids might feel overwhelmed or stressed, especially if they are going for a field trip for the first time in their life. Answer all their questions (if any) and teach them the way to behave in a public place, how they should react if they feel unwell. Mental preparation is one of the ways to ensure that your child enjoys at their trip while being at their best behavior.

The best International school in Pune, the SNBP International School Pune believes parents should have a talk with their kids the night before the trip.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale,Chairman SNBP International School
Dr. Dashrath Bhosale,Chairman SNBP International School
  • See if your child is ready

To get your child ready at the stipulated time, make them sleep and wake up at the right time so that they remain energetic throughout the day, as advised by the chairman of the best school in Pune, Dr. DK Bhosale.

All You Need To Know About Primary Learning Pattern In Children

With the rising number of primary schools in Pune, more and more children are being brought into the process of academics from very tender ages.

SNBP International School, Pune - Primary School
SNBP International School, Pune – Primary School

The primary education bestowed upon children at this age is important since it moulds the way in which they perceive and accept their higher education. It is worthwhile to note that SNBP International School Pune which is operated under veteran Chairman Dr. Dasharath Bhosale adopts are a very holistic approach in children’s education. Dr. DK Bhosale, being a learned man himself, understands how important it is to impart proper primary learning.

If your child is also starting school in the near future, here is all the information that you will require to prepare them for their first day at an international school in Pune.

Things you need to know about children’s primary education

  • Children can learn in a variety of ways – by seeing, learning, acting or reading. At the primary stage, children learn through observation and interaction. Using fun games and other interactive methods is the best way to teach them about numbers and the alphabet. All the top schools in Pune, like SNBP International, use such games to ensure that children learn all the basic concepts with ease. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale actively promotes healthy learning among young children.
  • All children do not have the same level of social skills – Usually, they learn them at primary school. Some learn faster, while some others take a little more time to adapt to their surroundings. It is best if parents allow the children to grow spontaneously, without monitoring their behaviour at every moment.
  • Learning another language can help your child to be culturally sound in the future – Some SSC schools in Pune have programs that teach the children a language apart from English. It will benefit your child if they knew a language apart from English. You can help them practice by speaking with them in the second language at home.
  • The more time children spend around adults, the more they learn – Parents can practice what their children learnt at school with them in order to solidify it in their memory. But this should be done in the mode of game and fun, otherwise, the child will lose interest in learning altogether. That is the reason why Dr. DK Bhosale stresses the significance of fun while learning for the pupils of SNBP International School Pune.
  • Never pressurise your children – It is important for parents to aim high for their children without putting too much pressure on them. The first step they can take in this regard is by enrolling their ward in a good school, like SNBP International, widely regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. When the child is in a good school and within a safe environment, he or she can learn better and develop a better personality for themselves.
SNBP International School Pune ,Chairman Dr. Dasharath Bhosale

With regard to primary school in Pune, SNBP International has surely made its mark. It has an excellent faculty of highly trained and devoted teachers, whose principal aim is to nurture the natural talent that has been instilled in each child and transforming them into productive adults that contribute to the betterment of the world.