Technology: a prodigious tool

Recently, I heard my granny saying:

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”

Her words were wrapped in flames of fury. These flames ignited my mind and compelled me to think about the association between education and technology. It is inseparable; our curriculum is based on technology. I must say that we cannot be a slave to technology; it has to be used effectively to enhance our curriculum. Technology is a magical wand, but we should emerge as a powerful magician (sort of Harry Potter). Technology has intertwined with our daily life in such a manner that an educator has to be prudent enough to use technology very effectively in classroom teaching. Technology should be used to unleash the talent and creativity of a learner. Being an educator our intention should be to promote learners to foresee their future and enable them to annihilate the hardship.

The generation which is under our tutelage should be committed towards their responsibility. If we use Technology keeping in mind our true purpose: moral and social development of learners, it is the success of entire education system. Technology should not be a barrier for our mindscape, to develop conscious citizens. The greatest gift of technology to the human being is it provides individual space to each learner.  This ‘Individualization’ has done wonders in the field of education. I admire the word Technology primitively, as it has converted the terms you and I to us. Magic should not wane off; it unites a teacher and a learner and ties a knot around them.

My granny is right; her words are wrapped in the sole of sagacity. Teachers are versatile enough to convert technology to the ruling power, to unite key participants of the education system, to acknowledge one’s learning space, to ensure the progress and educating one to motivate oneself.

Ms. Ajitha.P.Nair


SNBPIS, Morwadi

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