What are the Benefits of Group Study

According to most primary schools in Pune, there are plenty of benefits of studying in a group. At SNBP International School Pune, Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, eminent educationist and Chairman of the school, encourages his students to reap the advantages of studying in a group, for better performance during examinations. If you are unconvinced about the advantages of this method, read on to find out exactly how impactful group studying can be:

The various advantages of group study

1. It prevents you from procrastinating

When we study by ourselves, we are often tempted to take an elongated break or quit after a few hours. Sometimes, we don’t want to study at all and end up putting it off. This tendency to procrastinate can be easily done away with if we join study groups. A lot of CBSE schools in Pune suggest that students study in groups to avoid procrastinating.

2. You will learn faster

It has been observed that students who work in study groups generally learn their material faster than students who study alone. This is due to a very simple reason- what may seem difficult to one student can be easy to another, and the mutual cooperation between students would enable them to help each other without the intervention of teachers. This also helps build teamwork and bonding between students. This is why the SSC schools of Pune ask students to study in groups rather than by themselves.

3. You will see the text from new angles 

When you study in a group, you receive the opinions of different people. It differs from when you study alone because these different understandings of the text promote more mature and thorough learning of it. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale thinks that it is important for students to receive opinions that are different from theirs because it helps broaden their minds and helps them take better decisions in the future.

4. You will never get bored

When you’re studying alone, it can get boring after a while. Since anything is better when shared with friends, why not make it the same for studying? When you’re studying with a group, you don’t get bored easily. Study groups make education fun, the reason behind its popularity in some of the top schools in Pune.

5. You will be able to fill in the gaps 

It might be possible that while learning something, you don’t understand something completely. For international schools in Pune, learning in a group helps you fill in these gaps of your learning with the knowledge you gain from the other members in your group. This holds for learning techniques as well- Dr. DK Bhosale says that students may be able to upgrade their learning techniques when they see their peers do something different and more beneficial.


At SNBP International School Pune – one of the best primary schools in Pune, Chairman Sir Dr. DK Bhosale and his team of teachers want the best for their students. Group study can help students develop their learning skills faster than before, and therefore perform better- not just in examinations, but also in the corporate world.

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