What Makes SNBP The Best School In Pune – All You Need To Know

Education has a bigger role than just imparting knowledge. It forms a fundamental part of the growth and development of every child. The future of a child largely depends on the quality of education one receives. It empowers a child to fully participate in the community and develop a personal identity for himself/herself. Moreover, education is the yardstick to know the well-being and soundness of a society. Education and development of the skills of children play a major role in overall development of a country. Hence, correct investments in the education of a child are a concern crucial for parents as well as the state. Besides studies, there are a variety of things that a child learns from school, such as self-discipline, team spirit and integrity. These qualities together make him/her successful as an adult.

Located amidst the city of Pune, SNBP International school is considered one of the best schools in Pune. Each child is entitled to receive a learning environment that facilitates in bringing out his/her true potential. SNBP International School is vast and stands out in providing at par facilities and suitable study environment for nurturing students and accelerate their learning process. The school is surrounded by lush green gardens and an atmosphere that inculcates the culture of all-round progress of students. Imbibing moral values lies at the crux of all activities carried by the system. The school emphasizes to instill qualities like self-confidence, responsibility and independence in children besides providing excellent academics. At SNBP International School, we believe that optimum development of the child is important for developing a confident and responsible citizen. The aim is to provide a creative, humane and an environment conducive for children to learn and grow into proud Indians and compassionate world citizens.

Towards their better future

SNBP International School gives equal and fair importance to academics as well as other activities and sports to ensure an all-round development of the child. A perfect blend of all aspects helps the child to live a happy life, built with confidence that supports a child to make great decisions in his/her life in future.

Dedicated teachers

From pre-school to the college education, we need teachers at every stage of our lives. The role of teachers is to prepare the future generation. A good teacher helps students to succeed by developing a positive attitude in them and in return earn respect from all. The proper implementation of school curriculum depends on the quality of teachers. Further, they are also capable of grasping the latest updations in the curriculum. SNBP International School has recruited teachers who are well-educated and have detailed knowledge about their subjects. They generate a classroom environment that supports learning and gives students the freedom to open up and learn by themselves. Their teaching is not limited to four walls of the classroom but also accessible even after their session in order to mentor and guide students. The inquisitive minds love the environment that is warm and gives them the chance to make mistakes and learn. We also ensure that teachers also keep on learning with time. They undergo training that refreshes their knowledge, teach better and in a more detailed manner. There is never a single way to learn. Our teachers apply different methods to make the learning more creative and interesting.


Living a quality life and deriving maximum out of life requires proper knowledge and skills acquired at the right age. We design the syllabus according to the age group and abilities of students to cope up. The education system should be such that it gives equal importance to the learning process of each child. A good education system ensures equal participation and access to every child. At SNBP International School, we study the need of the hour and chalk out methods that will generate interest in a student’s mind. Also latest inventions and technology to assist in the learning process of students are provided here. We consider that enhancing the skills and developing the learning process of every child by understanding his/her need and abilities is our foremost duty. Besides academics, co-curricular activities and sports are also important at SNBP International School. We give students the right platform to exhibit their non-academic abilities. To foster an all-round success, education system at SNBP International School focus not only on sports, the system also includes a whole horizon of activities. Activities like dancing, singing, acting, etc. improve the skills of students. Various in-house competitions, sports, periodic field visits, presentations and projects supplement the classroom learning and also result in a holistic development of the students.

Academics at SNBP International School are child-centric and age-specific. They are divided as Pre-School, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. The pedagogy is entirely different across all the stages.


“Your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance.”

No work is complete without discipline. A disciplined approach takes you to heights. SNBP International School strives to ingrain the quality of discipline in students since a tender age. We believe that if discipline not practised in school time, then it can cost the students later in life. Disciplined students move ahead in the right direction and grow up becoming intelligent, socially, scientifically and morally educated. When all students are conditioned to be disciplined, it will result in the betterment of the country also. We believe that students should focus on the following things if they strive to be disciplined and educators make sure that students follow it:

1. The first step towards achieving a goal is to decide the destination and stay focused on it; whether it is sports or studies, being focused is the essence of success. As it is rightly said ‘the greatest health is wealth’, it is very important to take care of one’s health. Students should form the habit of taking wholesome meals on proper time and adopt a regular routine of exercise combined with proper sleep.

2. Staying active in the classroom helps students to cope up with their syllabus while staying physically active contributes to the overall well-being of children. SNBP International School has big playgrounds and sports form an important portion of our teaching methodology in order to help students in becoming a better human being.

3. Stress-free and happy students are the focal point of our teaching methodology. We have designed our course curriculum in such a way that students do not get burdened by studies. The prime purpose is to train their minds to stay tension free while approaching exams. Students should always take care of their mental health so that they can overcome anxiety and fear easily.


SNBP International School maintains an environment that is conducive for learning. The campus has big playgrounds and is also surrounded with lush greenery. A green and peaceful environment and child-friendly architecture boost up their interest in studying. We believe that more infrastructure facilities and bigger playgrounds ensure that the children get adequate physical activity and great space. Activities are also age-specific so that there is no hindrance to their growth and development. We believe that a holistic development of a child is influenced by teachers as well as parents. We work on child development in collaboration with their parents for which periodic parents workshop and parent-educators meet are held regularly. Laboratories at SNBP International School are well-equipped and materials that help students to carry out their scientific experiments methodologically. There are separate computer labs and chemistry labs to help students enhance their hands-on experiences. It is also very important to induct students with the changing technology. Computer education is an important part of our academics. The materials utilized in computer and physics lab is stocked up on the frequent basis. Ventilation an important factor while a selection of classrooms. All the classrooms have a comfortable and unique seating arrangement.

A good school does not rely on improvement of few factors but all factors should be emphasized with great importance. SNBP International School is one of the best school in Pune that possesses world-class infrastructure and thorough pedagogy that improves the overall performance of the child. Well-educated and supportive teachers make the students feel welcome and the moral values ingrained in students mold them to give their best within the school as well as outside. We believe in active learning. There are no two students who are identical. We have adopted instruction techniques that consider the development of each child. Students involved in actively learning excel in every area of their lives. Regular tests and examinations are scheduled time to measure the progress of each student and assessed on variety of factors that are considered significant in changing times. Reach us to know more about us and to feel what makes SNBP International School the top school in Pune.

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