What Schools Must Do to Ensure Curriculum Richness

Curriculum richness translates into complete education. There is hardly any debate on the matter that students perform better when exposed to a diverse academic atmosphere. Schools are centers of learning and the term ‘learning’ must extend to personality development and character building as well. Textbooks can advance education only to a certain extent, but it is the surrounding activities, which can take knowledge beyond. Curriculum richness involves all channels of learning and combines the best of all worlds.

Schools of the current age must adopt application-based teaching methods, inculcate soft skills among students, create the opportunity to explore creativity and provide a cultural mix in the institution to allow diversity. All these build the necessary curriculum richness and elevate education to new heights. No matter how overwhelming the system may sound, the CBSE schools in Wagholi ensure the accurate balance by a mere combination of the following activities.

  • Trips and Excursions for Application-based Learning: A simple example can sufficiently explain this approach. If students are learning the scientific concepts of momentum transfer or static electricity, an excursion to the nearby science museum can help the learning process with available models and experiments. Similarly, students can explore more about the pre-historic era in a subsequent museum or know more about the ocean and its ecosystem by visiting a beach. Schools can plan their trips and excursions to surround the academic curriculum and make the procedure application-based in this fashion. This approach also allows taking education outside the classrooms, which in itself portrays a whole new set of other benefits.
  • Special days and Events: Irrespective of their location, the best school in Wagholi will always celebrate the major festivities from all cultures. This helps to bring in diversity in education and students learn to respect their peers. Every culture has its own set of teachings and provides different perspectives to the same angle. Students can form their own principles from the exposure, develop a rational mentality and grow a sense of humility for the entire humanity. Celebrating our Independence Day can teach students about sacrifice while the festival of Diwali can be about helping the needy. Dussehra will instill the feeling that evil is always vanquished while Christmas can teach the essence of being with family.
Learning Music in School
  • Clubs and Co-Scholastic Activities to Boost Creativity: When a student has the facilities to effectively harness his/her creative side, the power of imagination mirrors itself in the academic performance. Students should remain involved in fine arts and other activities that will help their minds to develop an exploring habit. Schools, therefore, need to have a diverse set of extra-curricular activities and clubs for indulging in music, various forms of dance, technology, art and crafts, gardening, cooking and much more. All these will not only help in developing the creative side but also teach students some necessary life skills. A few may find their passion in the arts while others may take it up as potential career options.
  • Sports for Personality Development: The top 5 schools in Wagholi will always invest heavily in their sports facilities. Physical activity is key for children to ensure healthy growth and participating in sports does more than just keeping the body fit. Team sport develops soft skills like ambition, leadership, determination, unity, team spirit and a sense of responsibility. Schools can have regular sessions after the regular classes when students can involve themselves actively in sports. With proper coaching, such activities actually help in personality development and inculcate skills that will help students life-long. The ambition to win a game can become a habit and students can show this winning attitude in every aspect of life. Also, the defeat, and losing the game teaches the child an essential life skill of failure and how to overcome it.  
Football Practicing in School – S.N.B.P. International School Wagholi

A precise inspection of all the above parameters will make it clear that every activity has something to teach. Knowledge is necessary and helps in maturity. Schools have a responsibility to prepare students for the future, to hand over skills to survive in society. Only by ensuring curriculum richness can this happen when students learn from resources that are beyond the pages of their textbooks. Education cannot be limited to the classroom. Diversity is essential in every phase.

The S.N.B.P. International School Wagholi is one such school, which has identified this model of education right from its inception and provides a rich curriculum to all its students. The facilities are built to ensure that all aspects of learning are covered and adequately prepare children to be tomorrow’s citizens. Such schools leave no gap in your child’s education and ensure quality beyond expectations. So, make sure your child’s school has a rich curriculum, as there is really no alternative to proper development.

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