Why do we celebrate Hindi Diwas in School

Hindi Diwas in School - Why To Celebrate
Hindi Diwas in School – SNBP International School, Pune

Language is not merely a medium of communication it is an important way of expressing one’s thoughts and opinions.

Dr. Dasharath Bhosale, educationist and Chairman of SNBP International School Pune explains that self-expression is an important part of a student’s growth as it builds confidence and develops communication skills. This reputed international school in Pune provides the opportunity for all children to freely share their thoughts and ideas. Students can comfortably express themselves if the language is within their grasp. And Hindi is a language that is widely known to all.

Dr. DK Bhosale – Chairman of SNBP International School, Pune

When do we celebrate Hindi Diwas?

Hindi is no longer limited by the boundaries of being a local language. It is the official language of or country. One day is dedicated to celebrating the importance of the language as the visionary Dr. DK Bhosale explains to acknowledge the popularity and necessity of the language.  In India 14th September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas as on this day in the year 1949, Hindi was adopted as the official language of the nation. Though the celebration is a government-sponsored event now the top CBSE school in Pune also celebrates the day through various activities and programmes with grandeur.

Why do we celebrate Hindi Diwas in School?

  • Connecting with the roots: The modern world is rapidly growing and to keep up with this fast-moving world being familiar with English is a must. But Dr. DK Bhosale believes students should know about their roots as it helps them to be grounded. Best CBSE school in Pune has Hindi as the primary mode of communication and providing instruction. In British dominant India, the native language was hardly recognised so the acknowledgement of Hindi as an official language of India was stepping stone for the change. Students learn to value their own tradition as feel proud of it.
  • Appreciate the language: Every language has a variety to offer and is a storehouse of beautiful literature. Almost all international school in Pune introduces Hindi as a second language so that children get a chance to be familiar with the literature and also appreciate the works of a different writer.
  • Freedom of expression: Honourable chairman sir Dr. Dashrath Bhosale asserts that alongside education students should also learn interpersonal skills. The facilitators at Pune international school focus on developing these character traits among students and for doing so they seek the help of the language that students are comfortable in as a medium of providing instruction.
  • Broadens the outlook: India is a land of diversity. In this multilingual nation, it is important that people cooperate with each other. The unique bond that people share here is based on mutual respect for each other’s culture, religion and most importantly language. SNBP School that is counted among top 5 schools in Pune aims to imbibe these values among students through the celebration of Hindi Diwas.
Mrs. Jayshree Venkatraman – Principal of SNBP International School, Pune

SNBP International School Pune, one of the best International schools in Pune, organises different unique events to spread the message of cultural tolerance to the world with the help of the citizens of tomorrow – their children.

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