Why is CBSE a better board for Schools & Students

CBSE a better board – SNBP International School, Pune

1. Transparent:

The board is extremely transparent about the way they go about affiliation. If you have nothing to hide than it is absolutely smooth sailing. The entire process of CBSE affiliation is online www.cbseaff.nic.in and one doesn’t have to go Delhi office or doesn’t have to talk to anyone to apply. There is a stage-wise process about which the user is informed periodically online. The process is made extremely easy by the board. A great help for people looking to start schools.

2. Modern

The CBSE is changing and constantly upgrading themselves and asking schools to do the same, now their versatile working covers almost all aspects of school and thereby education quality. Just to emphasise the Infrastructure takes care through a Physical inspection and scrutiny at the time of affiliation, the suggested pedagogy involves Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) which doesn’t burden a child with unnecessary expectation and also provides teachers with a very innovative approach, Teachers training is imparted through agencies enlisted by the board, quality of evaluation by enrolling students online from Class IX onwards by recordings and managing their scores online, co-curricular activity through periodically notice and information from the CBSE Academic website and certainly through various sporting and non-sporting ‘literary’ events.

3. Dynamic

CBSE is dynamic and is on the lookout to change every now and then for a starter have a look at these two links fro their academic website http://cbseacademic.in & http://cbseacademic.in/circulars.html, both these could tell you the changes and the quality CBSE is looking to bring. The good part is despite bureaucracy and CBSE being a part of the Ministry of HRD, the organisation pretty agile for its size.

4. The Framework

All the competitive exams conducted for various courses like engineering, medical, etc take the curriculum laid by the CBSE as the basic framework. Hence it certainly does help students to prepare for various such examinations. It also helps in admission across the various prestigious university in India where the other board’s percentage go through some mathematical formula to arrive to be compared at par with the CBSE.

5. The Biggest Network of schools in India

As of July 2015, there are 16,322 schools in India affiliated with CBSE. If one has to compare the same with other boards than the ISCE board has 2132 schools whereas the IB board has 271 schools. If a school is part of such a large family then it certainly helps in recognition form parents and other stakeholders. For most of the parents now CBSE affiliation is a must for their child hence you see such great adoption of schools across India.

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